Accidental report

Started by chii, Nov 11, 2007, 12:26 AM

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I was rating a few different servers I play or have played. I was rating Pumpkin Rune RO and accidentally hit report server. Please understand this was a mistake, and there is no reason to have them reported.

Ambrose Merle

Chances are they will ignore the post unless they find actual terms to take action. I've hit that button numerous times on accident before and nothing happened. If that happens again, don't sweat it. Alright? accidents happen. besides, I think this is the wrong area to post this.

Also, if you need help, let me know. Just becuase I'm no longer an admin there, doesn't mean I can't help you ^^v ... be sure to PM me though if you need help, since I'm heavily swamped and probably wont realize you said a word to me otherwise...


well it's just that ... i rarely look at the report logs or i only look at those that had been reported more than once.  I should add a confirm message ... soon.