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Started by MixedEmotions, Oct 29, 2007, 07:21 PM

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I would like to report AddictedSoulRO.
Reason why :

They give prices out ingame to people who wrote a positive review here on Ratemyserver.
When i played there, i wrote here a review about them. That time Positive. GM Ketlana started to talk to me.
"You won a price, because you wrote positive about us". After that i got 15 Old Card Albums.
I assume they do this with everyone else. She also said i won it because she didn't "force" me to write a positive review. Beside this they delete every single negative review about their server.

Beside, the players are only nice when you have those overpowered donation items~.
Same for the GM's otherwise they are b*tches to you.

Hopefully you guys can take a look at this.

Friendly greetings,


any proof of this?

and if you read the review guidelines, you know that no one can delete review except the RMS staff.  If you wrote about they give incentive for review, then your review shall be deleted according to the review guidelines:

7) Reviews regarding fraudulent practices.
In case of reporting fraudulent practices, you should contact us directly with proof such as URL or screenshots.  Writing a review of that sort will be deleted if without proof. If the server is found guilty we will remove the server with its reviews altogether.

Thank you for reporting anyway.


How about the incentive being a chance to win customs?