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Author Topic: 12 reviews a day?  (Read 11143 times)

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Re: 12 reviews a day?
« Reply #30 on: Dec 07, 2009, 09:05 am »
Can you please pm me your Username? So i can check if you really played IntenseRO? Apparently Intense RO is only a month old and we started advertising locally first (you can read that to both reviews we have here on rms forums) only means when you said you've been playing for a month you actually are invited by us? locally?

You're always complaining that your being flooded by Chats from Automated events then how come you started playing our server if you're annoyed with automated events. Its clear on our advertisements here -->  http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&serid=8990&itv=6&url_sname=Intense%20Ragnarok%20Online that we do have Automated events so normally as a player you would know it is broadcasted Globally.

Another thing is the Absence of the GM's at Intense? Are you deliberately trying to make me laugh? Just shows you're not playing Intense :D

Also from your last review you scored us 1 on every criteria I reported your post to RMS admin and he/she deleted your post then again you renewed your review. My question is? whats the fuzz? Why bother to make reviews on servers who's not even aware of your existence :D Any hidden agenda's what so ever?

Oh well its your opinion. Intense RO players know well if your review is accurate or not so...

Peace out /gawi
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Re: 12 reviews a day?
« Reply #31 on: Dec 07, 2009, 09:18 am »
Unfortunately no.
When I do test runs, I use fake accounts, names, and emails so that it cant be tracked back to my actual accounts on the servers' I actually consistently play.
(essenseRO)  You see, admins from other servers play actively on my prefered server, and I wouldnt put it past admins of "lesser servers" to try and jack my account, should I use the same information on every server I play on.  It's a security measure.  If I take a liking to a server, I create a new account with more serious character names.

IntenseRO was a misreview.  This one was an actual misprinted review, because I was writing 3 reviews at once.  One server I played on had me extremely pissed off, and that bled into the reviews of the other 2 servers.  Seeing as your response to the review was humbled, and actually explained the flaws within my perception I will remove my posted review and give you a new review when I have more time to spend on your server than just an hour.

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Re: 12 reviews a day?
« Reply #32 on: Dec 07, 2009, 10:27 am »
quote from email exchange I have with this user regarding some of the conflicts:

(Yes I omitted few emails before these that are not relevant.  These emails contain reasons of my action later thus I have to posts what goes on behind the scene to justify for the punishment.)


you want to claim you're clearing illegitimate reviews?  User AshuraX gives a negative review to BoundlessRO server.  Why is this suspicious?  Because the server has been down for the last 3 days under maintainence and all *Active* memebrs were informed of this.  as for the website being "unprofessional", thats biast.  His review doesn't dabble into any of the categories you lectured me about, and i demand you remove his review as well as every negative review posted on Boundless that is either biast or doesnt stay within the guidelines.  IE: lite1's review, which is incoherent and makes almost no sense at all.
The difference between my "negative reviews" is I have actively played each server I have reviewed, and bare no biast opinion or personal grudge on any of them.  My reviews are based upon honest and fairly up to date perception.  The only biast conflict i've ever had was with ScytheRO, and my new review is completely unbiast (although still negative).

I can only say that Gloom does not like negative review on server where he gave a high score to.  Which make him very determined to remove negative reviews on such servers.  AshuraX's review addressed at least half of the score given, I decided it's fine.  I can't find the review anymore because AshuraX's review is now missing.  Wonder who caused it (read below).


In reply to your email.  Please refer to the review guidelines.

Now, there's another report on you.  This time is about harassment and review reply evasion.  As I also witnessed in the last while, you have been rewriting the same review on two or three servers in order to remove the owner's reply made to your review.  This is considered a harassment, if you do not appreciate the server owner's reply to you comment you can simply not write the review.

Action has been taken to prevent you from further harassment on the affected servers.  Your reviews are not deleted, however your right to review the two servers have been removed as a result of the harassment.

- RMS Team

Yes I didn't give him a direct answer to his report on AshuraX, the review guideline said it all.  Obviously he didn't read them because his own reviews have been breaking the review guidelines.

That email basically is to tell him about his harassment action and reply evasion is not allowed.


This does not resolve my report on user AshuraX who is in blatant violation of what you accused me of doing before deleting my posts.
The only way to "edit" a review is to repost the review.  You leave no other means to communicate with the other party.
Now, back to my situation at hand, AshuraX's review on Boundless was in fact Biast in retort to my post on ScytheRO.  The only difference is, he doesn't have legitimate grounds to slander Boundless.  My statements against ScytheRO were coming from a mature and intelligable and possibly sociopathic gamer who played on the server and was discontent with it for a number of listed reasons.
AshuraX's post of "account whipes every 3 months" is inaccurate, and where is there a section about account whipes in the reviewing process?  hm?  It sounds like the administrator of that server is encouraging biast remarks against other servers, and if anyone should be punished it's him.
Now if you want to hide behind accusations that I'm harassing someone in order to justify not punishing this user, completely amusing -- since the whole point of my negative review on ScytheRO was to prove that the staff is corrupt and biast.  Way to prove you're any different!
We ArE LeGi0N

Again insisting the negative review on Boundless RO be removed.

While I am asleep, Gloom's again:


<some name here, removed>

I would also like to display my explainations of the so-called spam/harassment in the following topics:

I'd also like to mention that i have tracked the personal identity of several members of the forum, including their home phone numbers and addresses.  I have obtained this information through both legal and public channels, and (unless I get bored and change my mind) I will be posting the information *Legally* on public news websites for varios net trolls to do as they please with IF you do not remove the negative responses on BoundlessRO that have been posted as a form of retaliation against my post against Scythe and BurnRO.
The users are Byaku and AshuraX
furthermore, I want their accounts banned from posting reviews on boundless.  I have detected corruption and favoritism with these users as they are committing acts that I was punished for shortly after I was punished for committing such acts on those users.  If you will let them go unpunished, I will feel obligated to punish them myself through my own creative means.  You have been forewarned and have 12 hours to comply.

Posting a threat to the community.  Blackmailing RMS.  I can't believe someone could get THIS FAR to try and get review removed.  However, it's the wrong way and RMS will not buy that.
Yes you can legally get whatever you want including going to jail.  We don't care how you obtained the information, spreading threat/blackmail/hate and harassing this community is a violation
if you bother to read the rules:  http://www.ratemyserver.net/forum/index.php?action=globalAnnouncements;id=6

Obviously, you are not ready to be bounded by any rules.  In that case you are not allowed you use both our site and forum.  We will not allow anyone to play out of our rules in our services.  Yea yea you can proxy but that attitude won't get you pretty far you know.

Forget last message.  Issue is solved with AshuraX.
Just need Byaku's biast rating removed from BoundlessRO review.
My reason for being so vigilent stems to the fact that my reviews are unbiast, implying I had nothing to gain by writing them.  Rather then taking criticism gracefully, they retaliate like immature children and lash out a server that didnt deserve it.  I posted an explaination on the forums of my review of ScytheRO specifically :
and the user Scars made a reference to a post in which he made a racist comment towards me.  Unless you support racism, please punish this player.
(and yes, a copy of this email will be saved and possibly publicized as a reference pending your decision as to whether or not you support racism)

Who know how the issue with AshuraX is removed.  Probably more harassment, stalking, identity obtained by legal means ...

Still insisting to remove negative review from Boundless RO .. Well I see no relation of this guy to Boundless RO except possibly as a player unless someone can provide me more information.  Thus no action will be taken related to the server/listing.

- likes to play his own game
- completely ignore any and every rules
- blackmail RMS
- posting threat to community
- stalk members

Deserve permanent ban from both the site and forum.  All reviews of his will be removed as he obviously has a brain problem trying to blackmail the system, demand certain reviews to be removed.

I'll leave this topic open and handle the aftermath now.

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Re: 12 reviews a day?
« Reply #33 on: Dec 07, 2009, 10:43 am »
As it should be.

No comments.