Started by crysiscore3, May 27, 2012, 11:25 PM

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This was in beta forever ago and had a TON of custom content. I know there were never more than like 10 people on(usually more like 4) but I kinda hoped it would be back at some point. Does anyone have news on this? It looks like Aurora hasn't been active since it shut down.
Thinking of making your own RO PServer?
Read this first.

Chemical Crush

Not really.  I was the mapper for that server, I got a whole 1 map done before it shut down.  Sad to see, that was one server I didn't mind mapping for.  They had tons of ideas but its pretty dead now.


ZephyRO was created by some guy named Zeus/Rob and then [GM] Aurora broke away and changed it to: "Aeirheim: A Ragnarok Online Server".
I was an Event GM on it for a while, but it seems like the project has been terminated due to real-life stuff. :c

P.S. Hey Chemi! <3