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Started by jmystery, Sep 23, 2023, 10:07 PM

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Why does the reviews of my listed server in RMS is decreasing?


If I remember right reviews only 'count' for 6 or 12 months as far as the 'total review' count goes. If the reviews are being fulled removed themselves, that would be due to a staff member or those that left the review is deleting their review. If it is just the automated system that adjusts the 'count of reviews' the review itself will still be there just no longer counted under recent.
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Reviews are removed usually for the same few reasons. 

First, the account writing the review must be valid.

We stated on the registration page: 

Accounts created with fake IP (proxy, VPN etc) will get deleted without notice.
A valid, non-disposable email address is required.

Additionally, we do not allow user to have more than one account.

So, if your reviews fall into one of these cases, the reviewer's account will be suspended or removed.  All reviews in such account will be removed.

Second, the review must respect our review guidelines.

If there is a problem with the review, nothing will happen to the account.  But something will happen to the review.  Either we try to rescue the review by keeping the review comment but normalize the score (give a score that is reflecting the comment).  This way, we try to keep the voice from everyone while being fair to the server being rated.

In the ultimate case, where a review is beyond repair.  Including but not limited to: troll, spam, personal attack, leaking personal information, copy of other review, review content that we cannot comprehend after using Google translate ... The review will be deleted.

It is false that we suspend account for writing a good/bad review.  There is this false information circulating around when users do not try to find out the reasons for their suspension (refer to reasons for suspension above). 

There are users that create a new account whenever they want to write a review, but forgot they already created an account when reviewing a previous server.  Obviously, creating a new account to write a new review when you already have an account is not allowed.

If a user wishes to write a new review for a server they previously reviewed, that is, to update their review.  They must delete their old review (and use the account to write a new review) since one user can only hold one opinion for a server at any given time. 

Third, review amount shown by default are for the last 6 months.

That mean reviews made older than 6 months will not count for ranking.  But you can still see them if you change the review range duration. 

For example, 

^ that is the result if we rank the number of reviews from all active servers from all times.