Started by Shadowforce11, Aug 14, 2023, 04:51 AM

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Just wondering if anyone that has played this server is still around. I recently started playing Ragnarok again after many years, currently NoCashRO.

Would be nice to get back in touch with some players that I played with years ago.


I believe there was more than one Deliverance server at points, or the server wildly changed later on, I don't know.

I did played a server named Deliverance Online around 2007 or 2008 that was super cool, with some new items, custom items and even custom cards that were all decently balanced (and at the time nobody was as good as we're at this game today, so it was more tolerable). Some example of items were Crimson Cape custom Sting Card on accessory. First server I played with Achievement System too and also had some hidden Treasure Box spread in maps that would give you cool things. Loved exploring and looking for those on maps no one travel.

Server was also very populated and active, with a healthy economy and super active pvp (no BGs at the time, and I believe the server was also pre-trans).

Ended up temp banned on my Knight few days after starting because I kept killing people going on pvp rooms to sit and chat. Some of them claimed they were friends with GMs and they'd report me, and it was actually true lol.

Played lots of server over the years, but this is the one that I have the most lively memories despite not playing for long.

Weird part is whenever I try googling or youtubing about this server, the only results popping are a tacky high rate with tacky wings and valk helm and s***. The server was nothing like that, it was a 99/50 pre-trans (what I remember, I may be wrong and there was actually trans) of rates around 10/10/10 as I firmly remember card drops were 0.1%.
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Ah Crimson Cape, I remember that item now. So we did play on the same server then. I believe I got my SP consumption down to almost nothing with two Max Kirin cards.

I went without a PC for years so I got out of ragnarok until now. Was looking for an mmorpg again and didn't want to pick up ff14 again or wow.