Would you and your guild join CookieRO on the 27th if it does a complete wipe?

Started by tenku, Jul 18, 2011, 04:36 PM

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In my opinion, CookieRO is one of the best renewal private servers out there. They got all the mechanics right and gets the latest kro updates implemented faster than anybody else. However, it's not one of the most populated servers and the economy is a little messed up. They are going out of their beta phase on July 27th and will have pretty much all the bugs/exploits fixed. My question to you is this:

Would you and your guild join CookieRO on the 27th if they did a complete wipe for a fresh start? Would you join without a wipe? I know a lot of you are bored on your current servers and want a more competitive server. Well, if enough people reply that they will join CookieRO if it wipes, the admins might decide to wipe. (Worth a shot)


Obviously to wipe or not to wipe isn't a matter to me since I don't play that server.  Calling it the best is only an opinion of yours btw.

I am more interested to know which outcome you would like to see as a player there.  Usually players don't want a wipe because they will be forced to start at ground zero and that means months of work wasted.  You there seems to be an exception.


The Admins should about its pioneers not with the newbies. Pioneer players should be the one decide if it will be going to wipe or not, because they are the one who made the server famous and alive.


yeah i would play there after wipe.. i have played in feb-april so i am not so newb there but server is 1year old and just started to growing(i remember 70-150 ppl online) so it would be good