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WoonRO first to bring Season Merge System?

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〉Hello everyone! /bo
My name is Nihad. If you don't know who I am, I am a game developer and active in the RO scene since before 2009. My first big project was WoonRO back then and while it hasn't been my only project up until now it's always been the one where my passion is. WoonRO had received a lot of good feedback and some of its features had been used by many other Ragnarok servers afterward. Unfortunately, I have never been able to make all of my players happy but I received a lot of nice messages and requests to open new servers. Running such a big project can be really stressful but seeing how, after all these years, there are still players who can enjoy my servers, takes away a lot of the stress and gives me excitement to try my best.
My main goal has always been to provide the Ragnarok community a stable and long-lasting server. Something they can return to and be sure their progress and hard work won't be lost.
After playing several big games, not related to Ragnarok, I believe I have found a way for this to happen while also pleasing those who seek new adventures every couple of months.
Let me introduce to you WoonRO's Season Merge System!

〉WoonRO Season 2

WoonRO Season 2 is a near-identical copy of the existing WoonRO server.
Seasons are an optional, recurring game mode that allows you the opportunity to start fresh every few months, leveling a character from scratch without previously earned items, levels, and zeny. A great positive of the season system is reliving the initial progression and seeing a character grow in great strides. Seasons are separate from each other, and it might seem intimidating that your character will have to start fresh. None of your efforts will be wasted, however, as all your endeavors within a season — characters, items, levels, donations, zeny, etc. — will be rolled over and merged with the non-seasonal WoonRO server once the season concludes. This system can be found in various popular big games such as Archeage or Diablo.

Season 2 is scheduled for revision after 6 months. The decision on what to do with Season 2 will be determined by how active the community is and/or a community vote. A server merge will require all servers to be taken down for a few days. Our intent is to preserve all character data so that effort is never lost. The next Season will launch after 6 months independently from what happens to the previous Season.  /no1

〉Ranking and Rewards System

Each month there will be a ranking system based on the points accumulated.
We will give real money or cash point rewards for the top 5 players and in-game rewards for the top ranked player for each eligible class.
There will also be a grand ranking system that will be set for 6 months after server launch date with cash rewards for the top 3 grand ranking players and the top ranked player of each eligible class. Eligible classes will be listed in game in the ranking system.

Getting points will be simple and for the most part automated.

* Top 3 ranked PvP players will get points each time the PvP ranks are reset.
* Top 3 ranked MvP players will get points each time the MvP ranks are reset.
* You will be able to trade in BG badges for points.
* You will be able to trade in BG cases for points.
* Which ever guild owns a WoE castle, they can pick their WoE roster to get daily points as long as they continue to own the castle.
* Winning KoE will also reward points.
* You will be able to trade Zeny for points.Other methods for accumulating points may be added in the future based on community feedback. Point quantity will be determined prior to server launch and the community was given a chance to give feedback.
It is important to point out that this is not the final system. There is still room for feedback and improvement as our launch date is still far away.

〉WoonRO Season 1

WoonRO Season 1, also known as the Main Server, will receive all the updates from season 2 at a slight delay.
This is to avoid having to do too many updates at once so that it is all manageable.
The updates provided to Season 1 will be identical to season 2 with the exception of some core changes made prior to launching Season 2.
However, we are more than willing to implement those changes in Season 1 if requested by the community.

Once the 6 month period expires for season 2 (after we determine the next step) the previously mentioned ranking system may be implemented in season 1 if there is a request for it and the finances support it.

Some of my players on the Main Server were worried that the server wouldn't be advertised anymore but I will make sure to advertise both main and seasonal servers because they're not really separate servers in the long run.
The whole system itself will be advertised which includes the main server as well. So hopefully the main server will get some new people over time.

Thank you for reading!

I am excited and curious to hear input from everyone.
I have been thinking about doing this project for a while as it has always hurt me deeply when the servers I made had to shut down and everyone's progress was lost in the end.
I believe that with this System I might be able to please both communities. Those who wish to find a stable server and those who wish to play on fresh servers.
Both servers will be advertised and ultimately neither of both communities ever has to fear that their hard work will be lost.  /no1

The full topic with server Information can be found in our Forum. I did not want to advertise with this topic but rather get input towards the Season Merge System.http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/topic/625-woonro-seasons-outline/&tab=comments#comment-2083

The merging sounds like a lot of work but I understand the purpose. I wonder how will you keep the main server 'active'? Managing one server is already tiring; can't imagine doing two. Being the devil's advocate, it looks like the main server's going to be a landfill of unwanted accounts since the newest season will always be the most active.

How about this? Instead of creating new servers every now and then, why not focus on highlighting the guild-guild competitions in the game and create competitive seasons? There will be competitions for PvM, PvP, WoE, and BG; create an eSports-like format for it. People quit because they get bored and there's nothing to look forward to.

Every season, some items and skills will be nerfed or buffed to change the meta. The game mechanics for the said competitions should evolve every season as well. In that way, you can cater to both players seeking a stable and fresh server. Creating a new server is just a band-aid solution but won't address the problem in long-term.

Sounds good,

I like going through and finding items I need for character perfection, and the more the items you can have for helping in that really makes the leveling progress so much more intuitive.


--- Quote ---None of your efforts will be wasted, however, as all your endeavors within a season — characters, items, levels, donations, zeny, etc. — will be rolled over and merged with the non-seasonal WoonRO server once the season concludes.
--- End quote ---
So if everything is rolled over, why the other season/server? I feel, this is just overhead which you are inviting, or something that isn't rolled over and not listed.

definitely not the first to bring up season merge.

card captor ro server does it right now. the main server is left dead despite everything being carried over at end of season.


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