Why does every official server lag?

Started by Kolby, Dec 19, 2020, 01:12 AM

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I've been watching KRO streamers and the servers are so laggy like even using a butterfly wing has 1 second delay. I'm curious it happens to IRO and my place too which begs the question why are official servers always so laggy?
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maybe the player was logged into another region


The Aegis emulator is not really coded in a very efficient way, you need a really really strong server just to get it to run at all.

It runs through everything in a 20ms interval and often simply can't manage to handle everything in that time, so it starts queueing it and this causes the strange unresponsiveness.

On *Athena emulators we changed this to a 100ms interval (and often even slower for certain things), so it needs 5+ times less CPU power. Unfortunately that also makes implementation of certain things like firewall behavior impossible to replicate to 100%.