Why does a server truly need a donation whether you need it or not?

Started by Helrouis, Jun 03, 2008, 11:46 PM

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You, as an admin, worked hard for your server. You also want your players to enjoy the game and have a balance between non-donor players and the donor players.

But for me, well, I have one thing to say to the community of non-donor players - nowadays, most of the people playing in cafe are also in need of money. This is a fact. And to share to you guys, 1 month ago before the dupe case on d___RO spread, the cafe nearby my house sells 1billion zeny for 1 php, wherein 40~50php = 1 USD. It was a total bankrupt for d__kRO, not to mention they've worked hard to get 1000+ players.

Some * players have fun for insulting a server, as well as abusing bugs/making fun of GMs etc,. Oh yea, as well as being a licker who's being supportive but wishes for items. - THEY AREN'T even supporting even your server thru votes or donations, but just to profit in your server. You're one damn lucky server if your players are 95% of them civilized, but private servers eh - that's one open server where all kinds of people can join.

I wish to tell more, but maybe later, I'm running out of time, well, my point here is :
If you don't want to accept donations - your players will be earning from your server, that is the truth, everyone has to accept it. If you will gonna allow that, well, maybe you have something wrong in your mind.

**My english maybe bad, just please consider my point, i don't want to argue about grammar if you're a supercritic