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why do i work on divergence despite being closed for 2+ years now?

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hi, i'm the best sniper on the planet. in summer 2014 i was bored out of my mind and set out to make a project that would revive this dead game from being dead, initially titled it revival of ragnarok online. since i'm one of the best, i pretty much know this game inside out: i have every single card memorized, every single equipment effect memorized, i know exact numbers for pretty much any build on any class in the game at any level, i have the health of almost every monster memorized, i know frame by frame data for every pvp scenario, etc.

anyways, i'm closed but i still work on it. i go back to it when i'm feeling in the mood for some ragnarok, and work on a couple of things to make my server better. don't have any plans to open anymore, basically just doing it for myself. so why would i work on a server if i don't intend to use it?

trying to take your knowledge of a game and trying to fix all of its flaws is like learning how to play the game all over again, except it's a whole new game where the 100% you brought in is only worth 1%. it's fun as s***. i have way more fun designing the AI of a monster than dropping some idiots 1 v 3 in pvp. ironing out the zeny values of items is fun, you just have to think about what you yourself would abuse to farm and play cat and mouse vs yourself. making weapon classes that were completely useless into something completely new and actually good but in their own way really challenged my ability to imagine scenarios and crunch numbers. moving card effects around challenged my abilities to bring what the monsters looked like to life in my head, and to see what qualities they would bring into battle. i can go on and on and on, but you get the point. basically, this is challenging and requires a lot of mental flexibility. very good if you believe in building yourself up as an individual.

i've probably sunk around 2200 hours total into taking everything i know about the game and trying to rebuild it in such a manner that i don't touch the things that made it good and improve the things that made it bad. i like sitting there playing with the math, making mental notes of things, calculating exact scenarios, testing, retesting... it's basically what made me a god at the game in the first place, but now applied to making changes to the game.

see, i'm a player. i don't care about money, glory, fame, or power tripping, and especially not playing politics. i do this purely because i love the game and i like to do things well. i don't give a s*** about making 'doing other people a favor' hard for myself. and people are going to make it be that, so i'd rather just do away with the people and play on my server by myself with my friends. i've come to the realization that no matter how good i make the game, it can never fix the flaws of humanity. people like to blame you for their problems, and there's nothing you can do about it except drop them in PvP.

my dream is to build the perfect ragnarok, and i do it one brick at a time. i work on it when i want, where i want, and how i want. crafting the game is the only thing that matters to me, and that's why i still work on it even though i don't intend for people to play it anymore. kind of like a legendary artifact that exists only in myth or some s***, lol.

I read the whole thing.  /wah

Feels like I'm reading an AI achieving sentience and deciding other humans are obsolete

What have you achieved so far with the IA improvements?


--- Quote from: singe_horizontal on Mar 25, 2021, 10:18 pm ---What have you achieved so far with the IA improvements?

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a lot


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