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Started by Xyn~, Aug 29, 2012, 03:38 AM

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This is just a benchmark "test" if you will. I've finally graduated college with my Bachelor of Computer Science degree-- and I will have a bit of time in the next few months to devote fully to scripting.

If you have ANY suggestion, big or small -- seemingly impossible or very simple, what would sell a new server for you? I am, of course, talking about Fame 2.0, which has already been in progress now for over a year, and will be released to the general public hopefully around the first of next year. Perfection is what I'm aiming for, I have made thousands of algorithms and tweaks to test and balance third classes with mobs, player v player, woe, and more.

During this process, I have created several "bot" programs that are highly intelligent, and basically found all of the loopholes in ReAM -- which I won't be using by the way, I will be using eAthena and adding in my own renewal mechanics and the like.

I appreciate any feedback, suggestions, encouragement, and definitely negative feedback. Thanks for your time everyone.  /ok