What servers have @diguise and monster diguises

Started by firenova, Feb 08, 2009, 08:49 PM

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i have never used a server that i can use @disguise or monster disguises, i would ike to know some.


@Monster disguises can be a bit icky.

For instance, some monsters have different attack animations, which allows the player to skip the skill-delay when the delay is client-imposed (eg: double-strafe), additionally there are some unresolvable bugs such as causing player crashes when you have a "monster" in your party.

Despite all this, MouRO does has a monster disguise system in place. Rather than letting you freely use @disguise, it uses magic paint. Actually, it uses two items... "The hand of God" is like a pet lure, you use it on monsters... and depending on their level and how damaged they are, you may get a number of "magic paint" items named after the monster (you get 1 magic paint for every then levels of the target), the monster is not removed, so you are free to use multiple hands of gods to stack up on paints. Afterwards you can use the Magic Paint whenever you want to disguise yourself after the target monster. The paint dispels on logout, and you will kicked out of any current parties when you disguise (if you accept joining a party that will dispell the disguise, though).

That's the gist of it if you want to try it.

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