Where you used to train till 99?

Started by eKoh, Dec 27, 2014, 07:55 PM

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Hello, I want to know where players used to train till reaching 99, since I've started playing on LowRates back in 2010, and I don't know how players used to train before that year.

Well, what I remember was something like these, when I was an archer

1 - 15   -> Porings or Anthell, if the server had warper
15 - 39 -> Skeletons, Zombies and then Poporings at payon dungeon
40 - 65 -> MiGaos or Geographer
66 - 75 -> High Orcs
76 - 84 -> Parties at anubis
84 - 99 -> Parties at Odin Temple. If I had equipment I would go to Thor

I am writing this post to learn where the players would go to train, and make their path easier or harder to make them join a party >:D! haha
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