ggRO hiring Cookie - Read this before you consider joining

Started by policero102, Nov 28, 2014, 09:14 PM

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So Cookie decided to appear in the RO community again.
Once more, we would like the community to be aware of his recent actions. We made our decisions and we ask of you to take your time to make yours. This topic was made on RMS, because any comments made related to Cookie will be deleted.

For clarification Jat is CreateNotDiscover on reddit

From what we know is that he was only suppose to "turn in some scripts" if Jat ever needed him.

Actually he specifically said that he would not touch any database related stuff.

But now he basically has access to the source code - making him an admin on the server
The reason Jat wanted Cookie on the team is shown below

So how did Cookie convince Jat?

NEW Evidence on FragRO
More information  can be found here


Cookie is notorious for being corrupt, ddosing other servers, impersonating GMs, lying to his staff and community. He was last seen on FinalRag. Here he posed innocent as well towards the community.

So what did he do in the end?
He used an exploit to access the database on the server and threatened the Admins of FragRO
In the end he deleted the database and messed up the forums and tried to frame the FragRO admins

Notice that the IP is the same for his application and the forum changes. He tried to frame the FragRO admins by claiming that they were incompetent and were giving out money.
How does this good guy actually act?


He basically admits here that he attacked Final-Rag

NEW Evidence on SanctityRO
The whole SanctityRO case can be found here


In short, Cookie committed atrocious acts and hid behind a different identity. He claimed he was not Yata.

Since the case was never revealed.

Cookie admits the he was in the car - HotshotGG himself can verify his voice
Evidence on Cookies personality

Obviously, Cookie has terrorised way more servers and players, but we decided only to include recent events with strong evidence.




ggro is made by hotshotgg

it's obvious nothing good can ever come from it because he's an egocentrical little s***

i played league semi professionally in season 1 before he got famous

i know the s*** human being that hides behind that poker face