What server do you think has the best pvp on mvp maps?

Started by Tzuridis, Nov 28, 2014, 12:10 AM

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For me back in the day it was mobro (long gone) and later essencero but that server is basically dead. There were some other servers that I played but none of them could ever come close except maybe for Spectrum or Meta but they never had much of a population and got closed soon. I recently read something about xatiyaro.net which I have never heard of of course because its in spanish. What do you think? What server had great pvp on mvp maps or mvp competition?


Oh yeahhhh !!! I remember mobRO. Was So damn sexy. My char name was Sir Fartsalot. Do you remember?


I honestly dont remember your name but that was so long ago. I doubt you remember mine which is the same as my username here, I dont even remember my other characters names.