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Author Topic: What servers have you played on?  (Read 163957 times)

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #90 on: Feb 18, 2008, 06:01 am »
Ecchi RO- just trying if its true
LMAO~ oh my! how could i forget such a server!


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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #91 on: Feb 18, 2008, 10:40 am »
From the beginning:
iRO: for almost 3 months, started skip class to play so I stopped cause I was on a scholarship.
LLRO: i found that i liked it better than the iRO, because there were less people botting and just being jerks
WolfRO: I started this one because it was a branch off of LLRO, it went down only to appear later
PheonixRO: its life span was about 3 months then it died
was without RO for about 5 weeks while i was on vacation
WoflRO: came back and played there for almost a year while developing my own style of server from a freya/eathena mix
ImpietyRO: was my server I had a solid player base of 15 and a stable connection with great hardware merged with FaithlessRO because of the custom items he had
FIRagnarok: was released as the first major overhaul of my server, I opened 3 more sister server on the same computer Decadent Online -low rate, ImpulesRO- mid rate, and KamiKazeRO- Super High Rate
                summer classes started and i had to take those so that i could get my degree sooner so i had less time to do things on the server and it consequently went down a year and half after its opening as a           
SoapRO and ShiddenRO: are where I do my work and such
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|100% Uptime Dedicated Servers Located in Montreal QC CA, Los Angeles CA USA, St Louis MO USA
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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #92 on: Feb 18, 2008, 02:05 pm »
Sakaray was my first love....

But later I found Faith... then cakero was tasty, along with a few other food related sites,.....Limit pushed me to the limit, so I ate some pizza ro, then it was a spiritual moment on spiritusro. Ecchi, was about as ummm.... interesting. I went nuts on scythe, and cuckoo for co-co puffs on thanatos. AeRo was fun, but decided it was going to have a leave... and then I finally found my true love...SkidRO. ^_^

Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.....
.... wasn't it just lovley?
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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #93 on: Feb 19, 2008, 05:25 am »
iRO (for a long time), sehiro, xilero, then made my own server 2 years ago :P

i tried a bunch for a day or 2, most i cant remember the name.

after seeing the awful corruption on iRO and the intense botting that has completely destroyed the economy, private servers that didnt stand for botting was a nice change. i think i would have quit iRO alot sooner if i had known, and wasnt tied to my guild.

xilero was fun as it was my first (and last) HR server, but all the geeky RO knowledge i had from iRO allowed me to make strong characters and my guild held Laz pretty much every week while we were there. :)

but I decided to open my own server a couple of years ago, to provide an entirely custom midrate server. however it wasnt very popular as it was a slow lvling (100x exp 10x drop) 254 server, and all the work i was doing trying to balance instacast / lvl 254 characters was a horrible uphill struggle so we changed to 99/70 server and i have never looked back :)

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #94 on: May 25, 2008, 03:33 am »
Server Name: XtrimityRO
Server Type: PK Server (Player Killing Server)

Max LVL: 99/70
Max Normal Job Stats: 99
Max Baby Stats: 99

Rates: 3000/3000/1000 (100% Drops!)

There are God Items here in xRO /no1

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #95 on: May 25, 2008, 03:41 am »
NECRO was here (not me)

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #96 on: May 26, 2008, 11:17 pm »
was playing negRO...  :P
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pack that sheet!

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #97 on: May 27, 2008, 09:36 am »
- iRO Open Beta
- SpyderlakeRO (for like a month?)
- AnimaRO (about 10 months)
- TalonRO (over a year now and still counting)

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #98 on: May 27, 2008, 10:02 am »
let's see~

- Old EuphRO (my fist server ^^) - I've started there like one month before it wiped.
- CeresRO Mahoro - again - till wipe.
- with friends we moved to Celestia, one friend got an unfair ban so we decided to leave...
- BeyondRO - small low rate, I've made there my first upper character... then we merged with UnityRO ~_~
- Ethereal Reborn (I left because the GMs weren't ... really smart)
- ParadiseRO - for a bit... I really loved this server but after some accidents with my acc I decided to quit...
- RaijeRO - joined with guild ... quitted when the GMs removed European WoE =__=
- LunaRO now.

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #99 on: May 27, 2008, 05:23 pm »
hmm.. in chronological order

spring of 2004 - projectRO. at the time i believe it was pretty much the biggest server, it had a 4-digit population. was my first ever RO experience, i made myself a sader called darkTenshi and along with an irl of mine named Viser, created the guild Ancient Dawn there. i reached lv 70ish before projectRO went kaput.

NovaRO - i still remember that MaSs ZeRo gm'd there. i switched my nick to Vengeance and explored beyond saders. as for the server, it was a much smaller community (population count usually stays in the double digits) but everyone was cool and nice to each other. the admin team was also trying to brew up this one big large event involving traveling with a King Arthur and killing mobs of orcs across the world map but it didn't get implemented.

HopeRO - my friend Viser was ready to RO again so i went along with him to HopeRO. there, i first started using the ign xeroslash. i was a knight there and Viser and i first joined Soul Breaker's guild (i forgot the name) but in WoE we'd always fight against Cookies and Milk. lol. after i went on a hiatus for awhile i came back to Hope and joined Soldiers of Destiny since some of my old guildies went there. i was in my low to mid 90s before the server went kaput. ;_;

PSIBlade - it was a nice community; i stayed there for a good chunk of the 2.0 and 3.0 generations. population was alright, peaking at 150+ during WoE or whatnot. there are asshats here and there but it was cool. i learned alot more RO-wise, and made my frist trans on a lowrate there (LK). drama existed too, but if you avoid it, you're fine. it's the first server i could really call home, but as of now, is currently kaput too. ;_;

Destina RO - where i currently play at. ign is xeroslash.

geez, kinda long.  :-X

edit// also played somewhat on qRO and LegacyRO, though my memories on those servers are hazy at best.

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #100 on: Sep 23, 2008, 03:18 am »
CreationRO - current


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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #101 on: Sep 23, 2008, 02:36 pm »
I think ive played on every high rate and low rate server i can think of. its pretty sweet actually. but now i only play scythe ro randgris ro and genocide ro. as you probably know i like high rate servers better. (MORE DAMAGE ROCKS) WOHOOOOOOOO!!!!

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #102 on: Sep 23, 2008, 03:51 pm »
(not really in order)

iRO - Too long, XD I think i'd bore everyone. Wasnt really my favorite experience. Had a rotten time and made almost no friends :(

old euphro - Was really fun. Met a really nice guild who let me in, even though I didnt meet level requirements. A kinda small guild, Soulfly being the leader and some other people. We had alot of fun messing around with eachother. Ahhh...good...good times.

new euphro - Only reason I played it for a month was cause I found Soulfly once again from when it went down.

TurtleRO - Was offered my first GM position here. It was fun I guess. Nothing really special now that I look back at the gone and ancient MR, but at the time I had a blast ;p

Generation Ragnarok - Didnt stay here too long. It was a new server, I tried it and it was OK. My friend Atrian made it, but did some foolish things I warned him things wouldnt end well if he went through with them.

Ancient RuinsRO - Probably the best RO experience of my life. The admin was impressively smart at what he did best. He was honest to the players, posted even the smallest updates, made everything be 99.9% bugless, had awsome scripts he made for the small community, and was an amazing spriter, ran everything on his own so there would never be corruption. He could make the toughest script you could think of and finish it in a week max, same thing with spriting. Absolutly great guy. I'm glad to have him as an upcoming player on my new-to-be server :)

RebirthRO - The admin was not too bright. Did everything for real money. How the admin profitted off the server so much with doing so little is beyond me. Unless you donated $100+ you couldnt be good in pvp, and if you didnt even donate you cant even reach max level unless you work for like 2 months hard-core.

ParadiseRO - Awsome server in its begining. Abel was fair then. After that Abel kind of did his/her own thing, which was not in any players interest. Kind of died after that.

SeriousRO - Friends from ParadiseRO made it. Absolutly great server, idk why it went down so fast. They had nearly a 50 player turnout on day one (no venders).

ForsakenRO - One of my favorite HR's. I was hated there, (known as Kingdom if you played there). I had alot of fun setting the brightest trends on the server. I started when about 5 people were online and watched it grow to 300. I was the one and only legandry stalker. After I got tired of that class and was finally bored, I tried Battle Priest. Oh boy, just after 4 days of that in pvp, how many new battle priests did I see in the game? Then, the last class I perfesionalised, Star Gladiator. On a HR this was impressive to dominate pvp with. I got alot of fame for these three classes, even GM'd for a week on the server, but quit the Event GM position seeing how corrupt the server was, and the admin didnt care. (Idc what Genesis says about me. I quit my position after warning him of some GM's and things going on and he just ingored me.)

Noob FuryRO - Didnt spend too much time here. Didnt find it very friendly after about a month.

WolfRO - A small and great community. Though I havent tried the new one im sure its better then the old.

old CeresRO - After the old euphro died I was convinced to come here. My very first HR. I learned new techniques and learned more and more about the game then I would on a LR. I wont release my name because of an imposter who has caused enough drama. At least the real people know im legit.

BlastRO - I played here for a little while.  Wasnt great, but it was one of my first servers I played so I couldnt tell at the time :P

PopsicleRO - The GM's sure did make me laugh here. They may have made themselfs look unprofessional, but boy this server made me crack up. Arty, your a genius XD

old ApocolypseRO - A friend, Tomaso, told me to try it shortly after Ceres. Not too great. He liked it because GM's gave friends free items :x

PhoenixRO - My first server. It was a horrible server, I was the only person who played it, but I gained alot of knowledge on how eAthena worked, scripting, and how to run a server in making this. All in all, I think it was fantastic because it has helped me in the long run :)

VaranRO - Also one of my first servers. I loved it. Players were kind and helpful, never ran out of anything to do, and the GM's were 100% legit.

WoeRO - I have a woe fetish so I tried it out :P I liked it of course because I love woe. Really I thought the community would be mean, but I was proven wrong. It turned out to be quite fun indeed.

SpawnRO - Found out it was like a dupe of popsicleRO without the good GM's :/

GaigeRO - I never thought highly of the admin, but it was an OK server. The community was half nice, half mean. I got bored in the end so I just left.


ValanceRO - My second server. This was my breakthrough from PhoenixRO. A nice steady population of 180 people. I was the only GM so things got kind of hectic, but I think I ran it smoothly and hopefully gave a nice experience to my players.

old CorpseRO - Ha, completly haloween based. My sister loved it and I did too. Everything was had to do with halloween. Even made a Halloween Town. I think this was the best thing since fried rice XD

GalaxyRO - A good server but nothing special. Made a few friends here and there but no one I keep in touch with today.

old ForbiddenRO - GM's turned out to be corrupt, but thought that once they got busted they could say "We work hard, we make it, so we decide what we do with the items, weither they go to friends or not".

RevengeRO - My new-to-be server. I play it so I can of course rave about it. But that would take days XD All in all, I think this is a revolutionary server unlike any other server out there not heavily modified into a whole new world (such as the new GalaxyRO)

XileRO - Not really that great :x The admin is nice I guess, but they rave about their population. 3,000+ people or something? Well for 4 (cant remember if its 4 or more) thats really nothing to rave about. The population treated me like dirt so I just kind of moved on.

PlanetRO - An OK server for a MR. I still dont believe the story that the admin was a drug dealer and got caught and put in jail, so thats why it just died...
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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #103 on: Sep 23, 2008, 04:33 pm »
Oh boy, let's see here...I think I can start with what I remember most and just go from there...

EShadowRO - Played a female set of chars - Sin X, Priest, LK, Sniper, was a GM later on in its time before it died. Participated in the server-wide war that split the community between two sides and made PVP into a 24/7 WoE.

HighwindRO - Co-Admin. Had a legit Sin X and LK, not much more than that. Didn't put much effort into the characters, not much support from the Admin, server tanked and died.

FaithRO(HR) - Sin X, LK, Stalker, High Priest, Sniper, Champion. Played for two years and set a Crit Damage record twice(First to break 10K, first to break 20K, without buffs) with my Sin X, who had a build that nobody could really pull off(Dual Blade[4] Crit). Was also a member of quite possibly the best guild I've ever seen in 5 years of RO, Desolate.

RODesire - HR server infested with donators(mostly pinoy, no offense to anybody who are) with huge egos and very little skill. Went into PVP at Level 224(max level was 259) and cleared out the entire room. Played LK, Sin X.

DreamlessRO - Side-project server while still playing on FaithRO. Joined there after I heard of some massive corruption. Played a Sin X only, gave the corrupt admin's guild some major headaches. Server died, not suprised.

ArdentRO - MR server that my friend Ken(Blades from FaithRO/ArdentRO/EssenceRO) recommended to me when I took a break from FaithRO. Nice people, good staff, made some friends there. Mained a Champ for awhile there but ended up leaving the server to go back to FaithRO.

Equilibrio Controllato RO - Wacky name, run by an ex-GM from DreamlessRO(one of the GOOD ones). Server didn't last too long, as funding and an SVN update killed their player base.

EinheriRO - Run by the ex-admin of CrimsonRO and the ex-head GM of EShadowRO. Nice server, just didn't get very far for players. Unfortunately, it went under not too long after release.

And finally...

CorrosiveRO - Admin, and I play an LK, a Sin X, a Stalker, a Sniper, and a Champ.

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #104 on: Sep 24, 2008, 02:34 am »
i thought i posted here before............

eternal ro - a blog friend of mine long ago ended up making me start playing RO with eRO being my first server and me being a idiot newbie there lol. fun times. had sinx, hp, sniper, clown, ws, champ, prof, lk, stalker, and hw. 10/5/5 as some people say but it was advertised as 10/10/10... closed early 2007. met my buddie Maroon here also. :D sexy german.

squish ro - a s*** donkey server made by a few people from eRO that i played on along with other eRO members. 20/20/20. closed after a few months. had sinx, hp, sniper, clown, creator, and lk.

legacy ro v1-v3 - moved here little after sRO closed and little bit after lro itself opended. played on the lro high rate during v1 mostly. i played on the low rate also but i didn't do much on it other than go on pvp raids with my guild Black Sun.

v1 wiped and i was almost about to quit and i pretty much did because i didn't play on v2 and just trolled the forums until ning asked me to be an gm assistant on the forums fo him, i still didn't play but i was doing such a good job i eventually worked to novice gm hood. started playing RO again so i can GM as a rule enforcer. eventually i made it to head admin rank (highest gm rank meaning 99 gm power compared to my old 60) for my continued good work. then came december when i decided to finally make some legits on it and i got a few old eRo friends to join (all others quit other than maroon) and play together a little. made a sinx and a ws. i eventually quit gming tho because i couldn't stand working anymore with some of the other gms.

v2 wiped and came along v3. i was about to quit again but with rumors of guilds from v1 coming back (they left in v1 obviously) like Black Sun, i had motivation to play again with them. made a clown cause i wanted to try them out as a main class (others were just bragi slaves.....) but i failed horribly qq.

v3 wiped and i quit lro.

Raije RO - so since me and maroon quit lro, we decided to look for a new server with a bit higher rates considering it was summer break for us. we (well he...) found raije ro. 25/25/20. made a hp, sniper x2, sinx, creator, and lk with several full +7 gear and doubles of some including ice picks and shi. was a fun server with a OK woe but eventually it just got more boring by the day and i quit.

LegacyRO v4 - so since i quit rRO, i came back to lro looking to see if it's what it once was. i was sorta disappointed but i was going to stick with it. well... following lros trend, ning announced that it was closing about 4 days after i joined.

rip LRO.

Raije RO - back to raije ro i guess... in a sense. i don't really play it as i did before cause i just login once every few days for about an hour doing random s***.

not sure if i want to continue ro as i got no motivation for it anymore. i guess i'll play it little bit till i get a job and play WAR.

i'm lazy to use proper grammar considering its almost 3am... qq.


some random servers i played on inbetween others:

cake ro
edmonton ro
quality ro
ceres ro
twilight destiny ro
niktout or w/e ro
underworld ro
ayumi ro
zn ro
some 1/1/1. eden ro or whatever it was called.
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