What servers have you played on?

Started by Graviteh, Jun 15, 2006, 11:52 PM

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I'm loyal to MesaRO. Its a damn good change from all the other RO servers. Lots of custom goodies and those cute little terrorist porings.


Offical Servers (in order)

-Kro Beta
-Iro Beta
-Jro Beta

Private Servers

Chaos Ro (which was run by a Eathena dev, who has since retired)
after Chaos ro went down i jumped to Erza Ro. Erza ro lasted about 2 years after a year i became a sub gm, that lasted a year until the head gm could no longer host. from there we merged with another server. The other server lasted about a week and everyone hated it.
after about 6 months or so without any ro, the people who used to play on ErzaRo continued to post on the ErzaRo forums constantly asking for a rebirth. Eventually My friend Duo asked me to host a ro server (since i had an extra computer and a 100mbps up/down Connection) and Thus NeoKobe was born. I am still hosting NeoKobe however we really dont have much of a population. it doesnt borther me since i didnt make the server to get people i made it to have fun. well thats my ro story.


I didn't play any Official Serves cause i'm poor :'(

The private server i have played are in this order:

-Avalon RO
-Chicken RO - The rate on this one were ridiculous
-Sneaky RO - This ones my favorite
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iRO - Way too many trial accounts to remember them all. >.> Way too cheap to pay for 'em.

UltimaRO - First serious server I played on. Never got past level 70 though, so not much to say about it.

HopeRO - Way too much crossdressing done here. Although, it's probably the most fun server I've been to. First server I got somewhat strong on, as well.

GPhase - Had some great experiences here with uhm... the not-so-legit GM team. Having a GM in the guild helped alot (@item FTW).

PlanetRO - Joined, leveled, got annoyed at the idiotic GM's and the crappy community, left.

LunarisRO - Fun server. Went downhill after Rikku dissapeared though. Not too much to say about it, really.

AncientRO - Really lame server. Botter's paradise. If I would've botted there, I'm sure I could've gotten a few 90+'es in a week without getting caught. Not like I did that, but yeah. >.>

CW2RO - Fun server, only a really crappy community. If it'd lose some of the idiots, it would almost be as good as old HopeRO.

Evo-RO - Pretty good server. Only reason I'm playing here right now is 'cause I have real life friends here though.

Also, 12378961237816287 high rates servers. Wont list them, though. I'd write more if I wasnt so damn lazy.


Evo-RO and CW2RO at the moment. Probably changing servers soon though.


played on QRO for about a year, moved,
cant get kro properly installed on this com.
now im currenltly playing rro,.....dont like it
much, so im still searchen....lol...im bored...
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justin racer88


im hunting server s but i cant find any good one  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
i just want a server where the max stats is equall to max lvl (if not you can  SEE A FC WIZARD BREAKING EMP WITH A <ROD>  >:(
and where there is a stats reseter and it s not laggy ;D that s all i wwant


The only server i have go on with any regularity is cakero, but......

since the gm's are almost impossible to talk to unless you wish to donate, and the donors items create a very unbalanced game play i only go there to chat(even though i was a donor, gave my items to a friend).

i have been hunting through the server rated here on this fine site tryin to find a new place to make my RO home. lol


I used to play on Jynx, but then everyone there got community got stupid, then the admins got stupid, and I, for some reason, got banned. It sucks now.

As of right now, I play RO Dojo.


rro = ragnarok Reborn?xD

Cause, i have a lvl 340+ Prof there =_=;, And im Only playing on a Decently High high Rate, cause i have No Time to lvl in a Low Rate D=, School Sucks, Can't Help it

And my friends making a Mid Rate 50/50/25 >_>;, I'll Probably Join It sometime Soon Anyways, Depending on When he ACTUALLY Get's a Site Up, So i can DL It >_>

ALLLSSSOOO, Hope is Having a Revival(Somehow i knew that was gonna Happen?) Every server seems to Do That xD, Atleast, Most...WATCH, Riot's gonna Change as a Host Atleast 3-5 Months into the server, Because butt load of Bugs will Start Showing, Another Person (Best idea would be yC), Or some new recruit, Will Offer to take the server, The server Will Mess Up, And they'll have a 3 PPL WoE!!!

Meh, Some People can type Emo-Ness, can't they? xDD, Anyways, I'll Try and get SOME People to play HopeRO, To Take my Place ;o~, Otherwise, im gonna stick with my friends server/Ragnarok Reborn =O

El Cid

I don't play on any server.  Just admin my own all the time...indignationRO :)

To tell you the truth, I won't play on my server cause I don't believe in playing on your own server, but my server is sure sexy to me...no custom items/npcs (minus stylist) and 5/5/3 rates.  Why did I make the perfect server I can't play on xD


Quote from: Katana on Jun 21, 2006, 07:05 PM
My server, DuskRO.

Excuse me, how do you make your own server?


I play on Roforever, Its ubercool but for some reason the community is small like 50ish, maybe you guys could give some tips on how to improve it?


im at RyoRo no lagg here at all thx to hamachi


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