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What servers have you played on?

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The huge donkey watermark says it all...

lunaris, low rate, shamefully i am still there...for chat or woe only
the population is getting low, not growing much
we'll see what happen next.

well...i play on CoRD short for Chroncles of Rune Midgard.....its not exactly populated....it seems to have a population that goes up and down...its a small server but the rates are not bad 20x

Arturia Celas:
im playing LightRo for now its a low rated server and its still in beta xD

^^^^^^^ Topic

I've played on: XenoRO, MattRO, HopeRO, XileRO, MobRO, RF, UltimaRO, LunarisRO, Quality RO, AndzRO, PlanetRO, EuphRO, some other servers I can't remember.  The most enjoyable one was XenoRO and I believe it's still the best.

Viva la XenoRO!!



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