What servers have you played on?

Started by Graviteh, Jun 15, 2006, 11:52 PM

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Detaill is to long , so only server name

Jro > Alpha end (lv 3X swordman)
No alpha screen

Iro > Beta 0 to the big summer down (I tested (certenaly the first p.server (who whas a reall.. crappy thing) , yes on beta 1)
(lv 53 sin)
http://membres.lycos.fr/blpsuikoden/ro/screenchaos005.jpg > my first day with my novice (i was a swordman before)

Cro > for a long time , got a baphomet card... strangely can't connect back fews days after
( 7X spear knight)
http://suikovideo.free.fr/rean/1.jpg > was my 'tard reaction ween i meet my first raydric

Tro > Long long time on Lyndia server , they passed to p2p
(lv 9X agi nub knight)
http://suikovideo.free.fr/rean/bapho2.jpg > most epic death ever
http://suikovideo.free.fr/rean/bapho1.jpg > aka 1

Cro > yes can log back .. but.. ololol lag
(lv 7X dual dager sin)
http://suikovideo.free.fr/rean/7.jpg > who remember this pvp room XD ?

Euro > short time
(lv 4X sworman)

(for private server in only use majors one (and low rate))
Neburo > the best private server so fare (he is still runing .. but is crazy underground gm change killed the server)
(99 spear knight , with crasy def atribute)

Q-ro > good usa server , i was gone for some reason , breaking my stuff to hollengreen (loll +10 spiky band)
(level 97 stalker)

Tsume > good server , medium community. My chars was great (vit high wizard with more than 60 def)
(99 high wizard)

Fro > moved to fro.. for a realy short time , i just want to say... lol fro lol

Garo > My current server , awesome custom , but small comunity.


oh dear, officials:
euRO, iRO

private: projectRO (very old server with that name.. was just about when niffelheim came out), euphRO, evolutionRO, underworldRO, indignationRO, kaosRO, NiktoutRO, animaRO, KeloniRO (I used to co-own that one >..>), and a few other servers I simply can't remember the names off...


i played on...

crapy servers:
duskRO(veritas)- closed
aeriaRO- too many errors

not too much crappy:
darkROforce- cant register
loadedro- Donators


Guess I'll post here as well as I have time to kill.....

Very first RO server I played was a non-public private server hosted by a friend of mine, forget the name though, it was a mid-rate, I was so nub there I put str on a long range class instead of dex... <played as a SinX and Gunslinger>

BakaRO - (my first high rate I played liked it since I had no clue what I was doing, got pissed off at the rollback and changed server rates and blvl, so I moved on too...).<played as a SinX, LK, Pallidin, and Star Gladiator, baby Wizard>

NiktoutRO - (man, was this my first and prolly only time playing with a 1k population or something around that number, liked it for 2 months until I saw the ugly, ugly side of the community, quit on the 3rd month after the server wipe ;x).<Played as a SinX, Gunslinger, WhiteSmith, Soul Linjker, Creator, Pallidin.>

SantcusRO - (played it while looking for a real server, it was just fun to test builds really).<Played as...something>

EsomethingRO(forgot the name, but it was a decent one) - (my first low rate server, liked playing it with my friends for a bit, leveling was more grueling than mid-rate of course, turned out low rates wern't really the RO for me I guess).<played as a Wizard>

Went back to my friends server after he wiped and restarted everything, this time I actually knew what I was doing.<played as the same classes as before, but this time Alchemist as well. And priest for I bit....I think>

OnaaRO - (oh man, I never liked this server in the first place, I only stayed cus my friend wanted me to play the server with him so bad, it was another high rate but....with a rude community, big suprise for a high rate in my experience >_> ; another failed attempt of a server giving custom items with effects in them).<Played as a SinX, Gunslinger, and Soul Linker.>

GreenTeaRO - (midrate I think, played for 40mins at most, just wasn't the same as my friends server...=[ ).<tried playing as a hunter, mabye that's why I didn't like it as much? ~~;>

MobRO - (Well, I only joined this one to help out a friend of a friend (in which the of a friend was one of the GMs on that server getting that server to join), in short, one of those server made by sunrise, gone the next day, didn't even have a chance to play the full damn thing).<Played as...SinX I think>

FreakishRO - ("hey...this is similar to SanctusRO, oh wait, It IS SanctusRO", I only stayed here out of random logic, met some great new people there, hated the game mechanics to death, +100 refine and customs weapons to win in a event that give +9k attack...yeah; basically was my substitute IRC).<Played as a Professor>.

New World RO - (Currently my own brand of private server I produced, atm down for revamping the whole damn thing after 3 months it went out, this gave me a huge taste of what it's like to be a GM/Admin, and I really disliked the taste after I had to deal with certain people and naughty GMs within my team...this is pretty much where I play RO nowadays, in this case, not really playing RO at all).<Playing as a....GM?>

and finally...

ScytheRO - (during my winter break I went "hey, I want to play RO again, but I don't have enough time in my 2 weeks to play a low or mid rate religiously, why don't I just try a high rate instead that could possibly be true to RO, so, why not go with what the server who apparently had the words in their advertisment saying 'best super high rate server', after all, what's to lose right?" Well...it seems there was alot to lose, the difficulty and actual POINT of RO (besides hat making), turned out like I was playing FreakishRO all over again, just to much better degree game balance wise....except for the fact everything was either sterilized/degraded (Monks/Champions having Asura fixed dmg is one example) or useless (not the priests! NUU ;-;). Despite all the idiots roaming about asking to take their hand in marriage or begging for goods, I met, once again, some really, really, awesome people playing that server. Hat Questing and substituting RO for IRC ended up being my RO fun....yeah, woo, great choice of a RO server I made eh? After my winter break was over, so was my gametime for Scythe, practically all the people I met there became more than just RO aquantances, so mabye ScytheRO wasn't a complete waste after all...).<Played as a Priest, SinX, Soul Linker, Knight, and Baby Alchemist ;3>.

I have yet to play a RO server again when I get enough spare time, and if the server turns out to be a fail, I'll prolly end up meeting great people in it o_o. Hmm...looks like I've ranted far too much, sorry about that o.o;


The only sever I play is  ShadowRO


Some minor ones I quit because they had a bugged client, or I couldn't connect because of hamachi.
and various servers I have tested.
Now I have quit RO.


In order of First Server to Latest Server-

AnimaRO 5/5/3,
Had lots of fun over the summer of 06 through abotu september when I quit due to relationship issues with people in game.

Ryushin Online 50k/50k/100%,
My first Super High Rate. I played it for a few weeks with friends, but quit due to s*** GMs.

Royal RO 500k/500k/100%,
Second Super High Rate, had an incredible community, but too many bugs, enabling Assassin Crosses to become WAY overpowered. Ability to equip two jurs ftl.

SerenityRO 7/7/4,
Greatest time I've ever had in my RO life. Was the first player, as far as I know. Server had it's ups and down, a lot of drama, but I stuck to it.
Despite my current relationship with the Owner, [Justin if you're reading this], I thank you for the incredible journey, the good and bad, and the really bad.

SerenityRO 1/1/1
Not much to say, it only lasted about an hour xD

SerenityRO 500/500/100?
High rate, it was fun for awhile, then Most of the people from the original server left when the next server was opened.

SerenityRO 25/25/10? I think Drops were 10, maybe 15
I didn't play this one quit as much, but it was pretty fun. I do miss my friend who I lost from when I got Banned though.

EuphRO 3/3/2
Most sh*t-tastic server I've ever played. I met a few nice people, and a nice guild, but I have an extreme hatred for BRs and Pinoys, which this server was FULL of.

iRO Chaos 1/1/1
I decided to Try out the officials, and it was definitely a great experience, but unless your incredibly well-geared, you won't get a party, and that turned me away. I enjoyed my time I spent there, but not enough to go back.



Haha I never thought I'd get to see someone who played XenoRO again. Yeah uh,
XenoRO - my first server :O


This brings back old memories, started playing RO about 4 years ago, can't believe it's been so long /omg

CelesRO (or was it CeresRO? cant remember)
+ a few other servers for very short time while searching for a good one.

And now I have my own server heRO
[color=darkblue]heRO is a great friendly, pre-renweal, unique and fun server with a great community, give it a try![/color]

[color=darkblue]Click here to find out more about heRO![/color]


Japan RO
Korea RO
kkro- my first private server
devilish ro- got banned for writing a true review on rms
cobalt blue ro - GMs weren't really "legit"
Kuya RO- Had no time for it anymore (end of summer or something)
Midnight RO- no one would join at the time, server went down I think.
Legacy RO- up and running, still in this one.


AeRO since 2003 well it was good[not long before charm got screwed  :-[ ]
DarkRO [played it last year but my friends and i got bored and moved to GlazeRO]
GlazeRO [Frequently played server though it just started last year]
KoreRO [dunno why?? lol ][Maybe coz bot is legal  ;D ]
pRO Valkyrie [well its free and its official and everyone is considered to be a donator well sorta..]

[AeRo well its not the same as what it used to be... well at least its fairly balanced and a lot of people WoE's in there][not like other private servers that the only thing they care about are themselves/ mass murdering people at PvP  :-[ ]


I guess I'm relatively new to RO. I started playing RRO a month before altimit corp shut down.
(I quit it because it had alot of 150 lv donaters who controlled everything)

Ansuz Isaz

Hm... =P Too lazy to do a heavy duty reply like a few others did. Mostly because I can't remember everything too well. xD I've played on a LOT of servers, but I never stayed very long on many of them. A few I did included - in only a semi-order, as I stayed at several servers at once at some points

iRO - stuck around until the end of the first beta. Once we started having to pay, and the idiots started showing up, I decided to run for it while I had the chance. xD

AnimaRO - Yeah, yeah. xD No flaming. Wasn't too horrible or anything, just a few idiots, and the no-donation thing on my part screwed me over. Left about a month before the big commotion started.

SurgeRO - Not too bad. I tasted higher rates a little bit there. Sadly, with this, I suddenly couldn't stomach anything with lower than x15 rates very well. xD

DeliveranceRO - Awesome because I found awesome people here. Made an endless amount of awesome friends. I left long before the chaos started happening here, too, though I still had hung around and chatted there, due to my friends being on.

heRO - I trained and played around, mostly did everything to see what the hype over their monthly event was about. Had a blast, but it didn't actually fee like home.

ScytheRO - boredom ensued, and I also wanted to see what all the hype was about them as well. It's a fun server, and I still use it when I feel like playing more of an arcade-feeling RO.

MouRO - customized battle system FTW! =D Still play here, albeit I've never done so heavily.

RaijeRO - Mostly because a few of my buddies from DeliRO moved over here, along with, apparently, a large crowd of everyone else. I don't exactly play here, but I still hang around to talk with old friends.

+ 65++ other servers. [ Not an exaggeration in the least. D= At LEAST 65. Keep in mind, though, I rarely stood around most of the other servers longer than a few weeks. xD So I'm not really counting them. ]


RO blackdawn  Good low rate server (its a role playing server, so you are in character) amazing GM, and a weekly event that just blows me away.  Sadly some players are more interested in drama for dramas sake, but I still stop by once a week or so.  Only other down side is that it is mini pop (15 players total).  This one kind of spoiled me, so few people, everyone was really close.

NoobFury RO  High rate server.  I stayed for five days, which is how long it took me to max level a sinX.  Unless you LOVE PvP, i would recommend avoiding the high rates as a whole. 

EssenceRO  Good mid rate, large pop (400-600) but there is not much to do besides level and WOE, along with a few events and minigames.  I've been there for about a month. 

Revolution RO  Another one is did not stay on long.  It just felt...off.

Raije RO  same as revolution.  I don't know, it is just weird to see a town full of people and no one chatting. 

There is probably a dozen more i do not even remember.
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znro thor server- too crappy(for my taekwon)

Loaded RO (high rate)- only playing on woe

Gathering RO- only playing on woe

Loaded RO (low rate)- lvling

Ecchi RO- just trying if its true

mystic island- on "talesofpirate online"  ;D