What servers have you played on?

Started by Graviteh, Jun 15, 2006, 11:52 PM

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Quote from: El Cid on Oct 13, 2006, 02:20 AM
I don't play on any server.  Just admin my own all the time...indignationRO :)

To tell you the truth, I won't play on my server cause I don't believe in playing on your own server, but my server is sure sexy to me...no custom items/npcs (minus stylist) and 5/5/3 rates.  Why did I make the perfect server I can't play on xD

I used to play there.. was a good server even if it was small *misses*

Anyway I'm on underworldRO Greed now.. major differenace but yhea I'm liking it.. well balanced "high"rate ftw!!

Also trying to get back to EvolutionRO abit but ehh with their current server issues it's kinda hard.. but my old euphRO (pre-death) guild plays there and I still kinda miss them... and I miss proper woe's >..>'

But well uRO is my main server =3


After I quitted aRO I don't play anymore. It's just not my style to go onto some other server which would be worse as I preffer evolution, not de-evolution.


NamelessRO... Though I dont recommend it because of a huge imbalance between classes.
And theres the fact that donation items are very overpowered.
Theres also the issue with the fact that at least 60% of the server is Brazilian
and the GM's wer'nt able to help them out since they cant communicate with them
and theres some huge fight between them and the American players.


mmm aRO high for a real long time, made nice friends too =D

currently playing deliveranceRO, nice community, i really like it.


I play on hopeRO and planetRO, both very good servers with professional staffing, one HR one LR.


I play AnimaRO.
Even though the server itself sucks.
I only play because of my friends.
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I play FortunaRO. 9/9/5 rates, RolePlay server. I wouldn't recommend if you're seeking PvP or WoE, but if you want roleplay then yeah, this server's good.



potionnetworks ro :) 99/70 and it s VERY PVP/woe


I play DarkPhoenixRO 50k/50k/10k an ok server.
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I play on AnimaRO. Like William-kun said, I'm only there for my friends. XD

And the HR server on CeresRO. >.> I haven't gotten around to playing PotionNetworks, though. =P

Ebony Bankai


AnimaRO, Like Crit but not just for friends and chat, im an active player and even without donations i love it, the thrill of killing monsters, beating people who donate and showing who has real skill, pvp and woe and lots more!
In Memory of AnimaRO...

May it's legacy live on in AnthemRO!




I play on animaRO even though it is laggy ;D
plz pm me with a link to fix the sprite error.