What servers have you played on?

Started by Graviteh, Jun 15, 2006, 11:52 PM

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after euRO, old RebirthRO, OdinRO and now retRO

Magnus the Exorcist

UltimaRO, FoxRO, AnimaRO (and so many other names this server had), TalonRO and a bunch of other ones I've been jumping in and out in search of a good server


I don't remember all servers by name, but I remember euRO, iRO, AndzRO, ViciousRO, MouRO, EternityRO, PureRO, Rise of Midgard (or was it Dawn of Midgard?) and Divine Ascension RO. Oh and that eAthena official server.

I also played MobRO, but someone stole my rare loot and then pretended to not be able to speak English, so I quit very early. And then there was a 10x rate private server I played as first private server, but it felt too illegal so I stopped early, then I decided to work on eAthena instead of playing. I feel like I'm forgetting an important close-to-official server I played between ViciousRO and EternityRO...