What servers have you played on?

Started by Graviteh, Jun 15, 2006, 11:52 PM

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Valkyrie RO, NovaRO, BRO, and of course iRO.


2k21 Return


Earliest to Recent:

Gravity IRO Closed Beta 1 & 2 (2003), ROValentine (2003), MattRO (2004), HopeRO (2004), Etheral Revenge (2006), RebirthRO (2007), BlackoutRO (2008)


Never bothered with the official op servers, so I stuck with servers such as MobRO (2004-2005), LegacyRO, EarlyRO (about 2009), RfsOnline (ReflectionsOnline), PlayROK (2014) and now Odin. Been "Shoo" on all of the servers. Anyone who played on any of those servers, perhaps?


Nova, Old Rebirthro, Limitro :D All over the span of 12 years


ESRO, Nova-RO and I tried HeRO server as of now.
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I played a lot.

aeRO, darksideRO, anomalyRO, philippineRO, dreamerRO, elementsRO, serenityRO, iRO, blackoutRO, limitRO, talonRO, novaRO, voidRO, and forsakenRO.


-Insert <The legend will live on!> Server
-Insert <The legend will live on!> Server
-Insert <The legend will live on!> Server


AnthemRO, RebirthRO, NovaRO, TalonRO, Shining Moon RO, SoV.



I have tried nova, limit and shining moon as for recently
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i'm playing on Asgrad Legend, it has so much new features and interesting take on the world of Ragnarok !  /ok /ok /ok


Man played on a few and I only remember like 3 out of maybe 20

Envy RO was my first one and will never forget it and I was even GM. But man  I miss that server so much and it´s players every one was so friendly and there was never any drama becuse people was playing the game to have fun not to be selfish idiots.

I remember one server I played on called Thanatos which had housing and such nice GM´s.

NovaRo I played a but on my got stuck with ESO/FFXIV so forgot all about RO for a while and im glad I never invested time on that server after hearing from a few friends how corrupts one of the GM´s are don´t ask me who becuse I don´t try to remember idiots names. I rely hate s*** GM´s that makes s*** personal and other GM´s does jack s*** about it.

Inspector Clouseau

Kind of a quick and dirty post here, because I feel like it.  There's been a lot of servers I have played on over the years, some I've probably completely forgotten. To name a few.

RO Valentine, EuphRO, Yggdrasil Online, RetRO  (which version now??  Not the one currently running), Ragnarok Travels, Asgard Legends, OathRO, OriginsRO, and I did dabble a little with SolaceRO, KokoRO, and one known as Ethereal RO.

edit:  Also recalling one MoTR  (mirror of the realm, actually a Russian server) and another called Ragnarok Sarah Server.

Again, I'm sure there are quite a few I just can't remember...


Played quite a few but will only mention those i've found worthwhile: euphRO, eternityRO, destinaRO, iRO & most recently smro.