What servers have you played on?

Started by Graviteh, Jun 15, 2006, 11:52 PM

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Mobi ro...woe fun and competitive...


Due that the last yeari started to play Ragnarok,  my first and last server has been Morning Ro, a High Rate Servera nd is pretty cool, very competitie with the MVPs!!
Satan, Beelze, Nidd...


If my memory serves me right: Ragnarok Frontier, NamelessRO, NikoutRO, SkollRO, InsomniacRO, ProRO, DreamRO, the #1 midrate in ~2010, and I forget the rest.

Current: DreamcatcherRO (not really playing, sometimes I log in to chat)


I've mostly played on PVP servers.

Met some good people on Nameless RO, XileRoPK, InsomniacRO. Man those servers were hype back then. More recently I've been playing low rate/mid rates vanilla servers, the customized servers are a bit too much commitment and I don't like adapting to them.

I played so many SHRs and I finally peaked during InsomniacRO once I understood the SHR Meta. Shoutout to Egret and Lunar, lol.



I been playing ragnafied chaos for a month and it satisfy me


GatheringRO  /lv /lv /lv 12+ years old server and counting. Everyone is invited to visit our server  /ok


I'm pretty sure I played more but that was like ages ago.. and these are the only ones that I can remember.

CookieRO - ah... good times, good times
InertiaRO - I played this from 2012 to 2013. Made really nice friends too
DarksideRO - I played this just for a short time
AnomalyRO - currently playing this


I started more than 10 years ago on XileRO. After that I don't remember really well lol
I only remember playing on EssenceRO back in 2010, and then moving to InertiaRO in 2013 (after a long break). I am currently playing AnomalyRO.

Hollow Dreams

I started many years ago on AnimaRO and thoroughly loved it, but I didn't follow up with AnthemRO, nor TalonRO when AnimaRO went down. I instead went over to AncientRO/SpiritusRO, and I was there for a long time, and enjoyed it, but that went under as well. I went over to iRO afterwards, and had a lot of fun, but I was busy with school, so I took a 3 year break from which I have now returned. All of my friends are dead and seemingly gone forever.  /heh  /sob


There are always new friends in each new adventure  /no1  I've learnt that jumping from game to game server to server.


For me, it was the flame wars, server drama, love triangles, rivalries, guild diplomacy, and hanging out. Friends come and go, then lost. And it is way more fun to wander alone, go to a new server, and start drama with new people. The only server I played on for more than a year as a player was devilish ran by fritz.


Quote from: scrub on Jan 14, 2018, 04:01 AM
I'm pretty sure I played more but that was like ages ago.. and these are the only ones that I can remember.


/lv /lv

I miss the PvP..


Started out in official servers, ended up in AnimaRO as my first P.Server. Moved on and tried both of its continuations after the split but both just didn't feel the same as good old Anima. From 2002 till now, there's too many servers I've been on to fully remember and list out, but the ones I had most fun on would probably be AnimaRO, the old MysticRO with its dual class system, LeikaRO and now SMRO. Guess after so long I got bored of the same old gears and builds, and seems to be going for more customized servers.


I came up to this post just want to share the list that I've played long enough before creating my own.

1. Offical Philippines Ragnarok Online - Chaos Server
2. LanceRO - Not sure if it this was the correct name. Way back 2005 or 2006. (Orion Card was the imba card I've seen on the server. Rebellion or Rebels Guild - Trisha Rebuilda something if she was a poser or not)
3. Mayaan - Around 2006 forgot the date. It was a 2 server back then? (What I love on this server was the novice apprentice suit)
4. ZetaRO - because it was modified 3rd job. It was great until the imba items appeared.
5. RO Classic - 2010 or 2011