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Author Topic: What servers have you played on?  (Read 166946 times)

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #195 on: Jul 24, 2012, 07:59 pm »
laoRO was the best HR and SHR server.

when LaoRO SHR server opened, it got 1k players in its 1st week.

i pm'ed the laoro admin in youtube to open again the server, he said he can't do it anymore.  /swt
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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #196 on: Sep 25, 2012, 11:05 am »

I have been on AnthemRO/AnimusRO/AnimaRO for most of my Ragnarok life and they were great servers, great community
Then I decided to move to LuminaRO and I am still there since it opened 3 years ago

... wow I feel so old now >_>''
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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #197 on: Oct 07, 2012, 04:11 pm »
Started with euRO before there was any european official server.
Then... xaosRO, namelessRO, xileRO, euphRO, brightRO, ffRO, midgard-neo, etc, etc... seriously, there are so many names I can't remember

Also played on the official bRO

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #198 on: Oct 07, 2012, 06:04 pm »
F-RO P-Sever was the first P-Server i played was awsm to play there 99/70
I'll never forget that Server!
Then Played so much P-Server
DocuboRo,BlazeRo,SevenRO, RivalRo, ClassicRo, Most of the Server in Low - Mid Rate Challenge.

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #199 on: Oct 07, 2012, 07:21 pm »
 /hmm Uhhh, let's see.....

I've played XileRO, which ended up losing most of it's english speaking players, and I couldn't find any good WoE guilds to join, so I quit. Sad because I was actually one of the strongest people there.
GeneticRO, which was fun at first, but it was too hard for me to socialize, so I gave away my items and quit.
WoonRO, which taught me that I don't like low rate servers.
ParadiseRO, which ended up going down for some time. I thought they closed, so I never went on it for some time. But recently I decided to check if they were open. I went on the search server thing, found it, but it lead me to the site of a different server(or they changed their name, but forgot to fix it on the RMS sites), so I abandoned it completely.
I can't remember if I tried LimitRO, or if I chose not to. Oh well.

I'm sure I've done others, but I can't really remember them right now, so yeah.
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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #200 on: Nov 12, 2012, 03:47 am »
Can't remember all of them, but I've played WoonRO, DivinityRO, AquaRO, CasualRO, IntenseRO, EsunaRO, EssenceRO, PaganRO, SocialRO, DreamerRO, YagataruRO, ForsakenRO, aeRO and DreamRO. There's still many more, but yeah, I usually don't last long in a server unless I'm a GM.
I was such a server hopper. =/

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #201 on: Nov 29, 2012, 12:30 pm »
My first pserver was aeRO. Then jumped around between xileRO, passionRO, namelessRO, iRO, talonRO, limitRO. Finally settled down at divRO after not playing for a while and became a GM.

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #202 on: Dec 19, 2012, 10:55 pm »
Intense RO, PumpkinRO, MalevolenceRO, DreamersRO, CavaleROv2, NemainRO, AeternusRO and some of my local country's pservers
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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #203 on: Feb 27, 2013, 07:58 pm »
iRO,heRO,VibeRO,OblivionRO,FlawlessRO(lol terrible), and ResurgenceRO

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #204 on: Mar 02, 2013, 05:26 pm »
my very first private RO that i played is the qRO i remember it there was a map that you can use deadbranch killing different kinds of monster is really awesome :) /no1

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #205 on: Mar 09, 2013, 07:52 am »
First place I ever played on after iRO was Blue Yonder RO (byRO). 2-2 classes just came out then.

A little after that place kicked the dust, I moved on to projectRO with some friends. Not too long after, that too died. Moved to FancyRO afterward. I'm not sure if it was project or Fancy that did it, but on its last few days, players were given GM commands. It was a mess.

Moved to essenceRO, but didn't stay long. Played iamabean and Kinko's aeRO, Mayaan server, where I stayed on for a year and eventually GMed the place. The place died a few months after I left.

A year or two after that I tried several other small servers until I got hired to co-admin LykanRO, where I stuck around for three years. That place died a month ago. Now I run my own place.

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #206 on: Mar 18, 2013, 09:51 pm »
Well, let's see.
My first server was Anima. I joined back in like 2005 I think. Then came the name changes, Anthem, Animus, Anesis. Played there on and off until a few weeks ago maybe. I've also played on TalonRO, but I didn't play for a lot. I've played in some other servers, like LuminaRO, heRO, but apparently I have a short attention span. Same goes for LeviathanRO and WonderlandRO. These were new when I started, but again, short attention span. I've also played on TwinkleRO (short attention span again). Then, I decided to try high rates. I played on DreamerRO for a bit. The server's good, but I got bored after a while. Right now, I'm playing on InertiaRO, and so far, I like it. I just wish there was more people on it though /heh

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #207 on: Mar 20, 2013, 06:26 am »
I've played on many servers over the years, but I'll stick to just mentioning servers that I played on for a period of 2 months or more.  Epic list time!

iRO Sakray (2005) - My epic journey on iRO begins.  After making many alts, I eventually settled on a bard named Leash.  I started here just before the trans update, and left at the very end of the year.

WolfRO (2006) - My first step into the world of private servers, and it was a high-rate with rates around 1000x or so if I recall.  I originally tried it out so I could try out various trans classes which I didn't have the patience to do so on iRO.

NiktoutRO (2006) - This server was mostly known for it's high rate server, but they also had a low rate too with a small population of around 30-40 people which is where I played.  Had some awesome times there, and met some great people who I still talk with to this very day.

TrinityRO (2006) - Started out here with my Niktout buddies, then was soon invited to join their GM team as "GM Leashy".  This was my first GM'ing experience, and a rather enjoyable one at that.  Sadly the admin had some rather questionable logic in regards to dealing with corruption, which led to me resigning from the team and moving onto a new server after a few months of GM'ing.

UnderworldRO (2006) - I doubt anyone will know of this server, but this is one that I'll always remember.  It was a heavily customised, semi-high rate with a max level of 300.  The admin who owned this server (GM NimNim) is an admin who I still respect to this very day due to her hard work and commitment to the server back then.  Sadly the population never peaked above 50, and she later closed it down due to lack of player interest.

VermillionRO (2007) - This was a server actually run by myself, and my girlfriend at the time.  We had around 50-ish players which wasn't so bad, but.. we both realised the admin life wasn't really for us, so we closed it up after a few months.

FeelRO (2008) - This was a big one and my personal favourite, a mid-rate with 50x rates and a steadily increasing population which peaked at 2000 or so.  I played here under the name Halo, and started a guild which still lives on to this very day. (in another server of course)  I had some incredible times on this server, and met MANY amazing people.  Sadly the server was short lived, and shut down in 2009 when the admins literally vanished off the face of the earth.

EssenceRO (2008) - Played here briefly with some of the people I'd meet on Feel, but wasn't keen on the whole MvP system so I didn't stick around for long.  I was mostly there to try out 3rd classes, which were relatively new at the time.

LuminaRO (2010) - After a 2 year RO break, I returned with my guild to Lumina under the name Rebel.  It was a relatively decent server at the time.  Same rates as Feel, but.. it just didn't quite have the same touch.  I ended up moving on from it after several months.

CookieRO (2011) - Played here briefly at the start of the year, mostly again for the 3rd class experience.  Although the server was very well kept, I decided to take another lengthy RO break after just a couple of months of playing here.

iRO Chaos (2012) - After another long RO break, I returned to the official servers where I began my RO journey.  Played here for a good few months, although eventually grew tired of the ridiculous amount of bots running around, and Gravity's lack of attention towards them.  I eventually moved on from here last month, and ventured back into the world of pservers.

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #208 on: Mar 20, 2013, 08:31 am »
^ Typical example of you can never get away from RO (for too long).

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #209 on: Mar 27, 2013, 10:30 am »
Here's the complete and edited list.

I have a long run of servers.

aeRO Mayaan
RuneMidgard RO
Get Your RO On (GyRO)
UtopiaRO (v1 & v2)
psRO (Perfect Salvation RO)
BlackoutRO (bRO)
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