What servers have you played on?

Started by Graviteh, Jun 15, 2006, 11:52 PM

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Currently Lunaris RO sadly it probably won't last very long...



Let's see...

acRO - Hated it, but I blame that only on the fact that I was new to the game and had no idea what I was doing.
qRO - Great time, good memories, but left during that whole Freya fiasco.  You know, the 8-hour rollbacks and 5 minute uptimes?
globalRO - My 1-month RO fling.  Dissolved due to corrupt GMship
got Ragnarok? - Been there over a year, and am currently GMin' ;D


Ive played on BakRO and now Im on KatsukiRO ... Both servers that belong to the same guy and katsukiRO is the server he opened after he closed BakRO ..... bakro is stil in my souvenirs because of all the ppl from arounf the world that was there ... but still katsukiRO is growing everyday ... its ans High rate ut I enjoy it more then a low or mid rate ;D

PrincessPeach !
Yuna: Lvl 193 SinX
Akara: Lvl 300 Ninja
I got more characters But these are my 2 favorite


PrincessPeach !
Yuna: Lvl 193 SinX
Akara: Lvl 300 Ninja
I got more characters But these are my 2 favorite


Now, still at lro. But we are trying to set up the revival of and old server, meukro.



EtherealRo Btw.. Hi.  :D      ;D  ::)

[color=blue]DiscoveryRO- x3elkukox3 98/50 Priest, Dead.[/color]
[color=blue]LunarisRo- Mr Hen Level 99/70 High Priest, Dead.[/color]
[color=blue]EtherealRo- Mr-Hen Level 72/38 High Priest, Dead.[/color]


Devoted to Semoria RO. ^^

It might close in a few days if we don't get more people, though. x_x Pity.


MattRO, HopeRO, AndzRO, and some i can't remember, alot really...lol. it's been awhile!  =D
<Ghostie> ? aura
<Kyo> aura: -bleep- -bleep- -bleep-moogle -bleep-bag -bleep- -bleep-wrangler

So yeah...Aura sucks. =D


Damn I haven't played on as much you guys... IRO, MattRO, P-NES (aka Project NintenRO or something -_-; ), and HopeRO...  :-*


In chronological order, the main ones worth mentioning are HopeRO, PlanetRO, CollisiaRO, QualityRO, LunarisRO, TenshiRO, VanRO, TsunamiRO.

Loved HopeRO just because it was where I grew up during childhood (metaphorically speaking in terms of RO growth).  VanRO was one of my favorites despite the wipes every so often and the unbalancedness due to rich bastards and their donation money.  I found I just really liked PK, so I can take all that anger out on random jackasses.

Phi2 ^o^

Chaos in IdRo.... Indonesian RO... ;)
Newbie here.... But my english is horrible..... >_<
Usually speak in Indonesian,now have 2 write in english... Wew....  :o :o
Sorry if you guys dun understand what i'm talking about... Huxz...Huxz...  :-[ :-[
No Phi2 ^o^ no HaPPy.... ;p


omg hukzzz huxx hukks

im indonesian too, lol rofl mao hauahuahuahua pwnd


i play heRO for right now, cool chillin place but lookin for a new spot.