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Author Topic: What servers have you played on?  (Read 163950 times)

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #120 on: Sep 30, 2008, 07:29 pm »
k no more spam about that please >.>


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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #121 on: Oct 01, 2008, 04:24 pm »
iRO Beta
SehiRO- Low rate, 7/7/4 or something like that,  Played it for a fairly long time until just before transcendant classes came out.

Quit RO for a good long time.

Roughly 2-2 1/2 years.

Came back to SehiRO again.

Quit that and played about 5-6 random servers, jumping around till I found the right one.  I really do not remember the names of them and they probably don't exist anymore anyway.  I know one got shut down by Gravity while I was still playing it.

Then came...

SukiRO: Silk Server: First Real server I finally felt I could stay on.  I played the Silk server and made a good portion of my current RO friends to this day on that server. Then it ended and I had to face the cold winds again, looking for new servers to find a home in.  The admin tried to recreate a new server again called SilkRO but it failed and she ended up doing whatever.

After that I went to about a dozen mid rates trying to find a good one.  Really can't recall them as I would only stay on them each for about a week.  Needless to say it was a fair number.

Then came...

ValkyrieRO:  Next Awesome Mid-rate where I could sink my teeth into, the admin was very bright and came up with some cool customs and a nice custom main town as well as a cool arena type thing (though it was buggy as hell). I even GM'd there for a short bit but it really made me lose interest in the regular RO game fast so the second I was about to quit, I got fired.  Sadly duping caused this once awesome server to become stagnant and unattractive and so I moved on while another GM tried to salvage the remains and start his own server from it.

After that I tried another couple servers again, and then even felt like quitting all over, I believe it was a good 3 months before I touched RO after Valk.

Essence RO came along.  I fell in love with this server again, almost all my old friends from Valk were here but the second I joined, most of them had already lost interest, as they had been here a good while before I came, so they moved on.  Head strong, I stayed and played it out and made quite a few good friends on this server.  Currently a forum moderator for this server, I am now in Uni and thus un-able to play, but I still quite enjoy the WoE scene on this server.  It however has lost some of it's charm with many recent events of the summer and one just today that could have harmed the server in the long run once again -.-  The administration really really needs to double check every npc before and after they make major updates.

Side server: Lenneth RO: Restarted from a low rate that spurned from Valkyrie RO, the GM is a friend of mine who is very bright and I hope he succeeds with what he is trying to do.  However I feel his community leaves much to desire for as they are one of those "Yeah we pwned you nubs in WoE" type of crowds.

anyway, I wish it was a bit more exact, but I really really cant remember all the crappy names of the servers I've played on anymore.  Too many to remember.

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #122 on: Oct 02, 2008, 03:01 pm »
I started with KKRO a looong time ago, then chocoboRO for ~2 hours, then finally SerenityRO. I tried a couple other servers that had different rates, the only one I liked was DuskRO, but it wiped and has lower rates. xD

My fav's are SerenityRO [where I play now] and DuskRO. [I still check their site from time to time :P]

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #123 on: Oct 08, 2008, 08:33 am »
First,I started with VRO.I guess nobody ever heard of it right?It's a server in Vietnam.Then,that server closed beta and I moved to KRO.I know a little Korean so I can play it.Now I'm playing a private server in Vietnam,name RagVn.In Vietnam there are a lot of server from many companies.But I chose Rag.Because there's a very large company but they translated all the jobs are wrong!I don't like them and I prefer a better server.And RagVn is from a small group about ten or twenty(not very small^^")But there are a lot of GM in RagVn who onlines almost everyday!I can ask them as much as I can!

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #124 on: Oct 09, 2008, 08:33 am »
The main servers ive played on are BlackoutRo, AnthemRo and when it was AnimaRo ,MessRo
and DarkRo.

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #125 on: Oct 09, 2008, 10:07 am »
Prepare to read a long list of servers.

-edited version after this as of 9/10/08

There's 1 server that I forgot. Its a SHR, but couldn't remember its name.

*censored crap* Even I'm surprised remembering all these servers that I've played on. I've played RO for 5 years and never really realized that I've played so many servers.

Current is MouRO(nothing can top this) its the cherry on top for me. Unless a better cherry is found. :P

Playing as a sideline is RebirthRO(HAHAHAHA!). Yes, I've said a couple of bad things about this server but that doesn't mean I would want to waste my money(or my brother's money to be exact, he donated for me).

-Edit as of 10/10/08

I'm going to emphasize more on what I did in each server I've played on. We'll start doing that on 18 October or later.
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Whatever floats your boat.

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #126 on: Oct 10, 2008, 08:35 pm »
I think i've tried all RMS servers, but didn't stay longer then one day at them.
Coudn't find my place somehow.

But then again, that was after my 4 Years at AnimaRO - AKA AnthemRO.  ::)

Nowdays I'm just at my own server, and gave up the forever server seeking.

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #127 on: Oct 12, 2008, 09:56 am »

about to try SeiReiTei and VanRO

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #128 on: Nov 04, 2008, 05:01 am »
kk, my turn then...

EtheralRo (first server, loved it)
CelestialRo (didnt play much there >_>)
ParadiseRo (the best ever <3)
StellaRo (currently playing, come and join us! ^^)

Thats it. Been playing for many years, but i dont like to jump servers, so when i'm on one, i stay there. ^^

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Re: What server do you guys play on?
« Reply #129 on: Jul 19, 2009, 03:46 pm »
MesaRO!! YEA!!

 1 day warn, please don't bump topics older than 2 months.

since 2 years is REALLY extreme, I'm giving you a little warn.. please don't do it again.

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Re: What server do you guys play on?
« Reply #130 on: Jul 19, 2009, 05:21 pm »
I play RareRO!

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Re: What server do you guys play on?
« Reply #131 on: Jul 19, 2009, 07:14 pm »

oni ragnarok online

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #132 on: Jun 21, 2011, 08:27 pm »
I kind of miss the time when everyone shares their story.  This topic was created as a new topic from time to time, I'll bump it and restart it here with a sticky.  (Also merged this with another one similar I found.)
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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #133 on: Jun 21, 2011, 10:52 pm »
I started playing in ROH, the official server for latin-america. I left when my free subscription ran out. Not that I really wanted to stay on that server... it was terribly managed.
Moved to my first private server ever, NorthRO. A very small and welcoming LR. Sadly, as I liked servers with a bigger population, I left after a few months of playing.
A friend asked me to play ValkyrieRO with him. We joined a spanish guild that sucked. We all sucked. It was a HR and none of us got to max level in the few months we played in there LOL. When we noticed it was going to die, we started looking for another HR... QualityRO. I made a clown, spammed "quien habla espaƱol? /heh" in the main town, got muted, jailed, and I didn't bother logging in again.
I found a link to Gamesites200, and found Pre-RO, the first SHR I ever played. For me, it was perfect... because I couldn't understand english at all. I didn't know anything about the *obvious* corruption and all the stuff tearbleu did. I left after a badly planned April's Fools joke made a big part of the community quit.
Moved on to FrostRO. It was a great server, where I met loads of friends. Though, I wasn't really into doing looooong quests and farming, so I quit shortly. Yes, I'm *very* picky. <:
After that, I played tons of SHRs that I didn't really like: GenocideRO, InsomniacRO, ImmortalRO, ScytheRO, ForgottenRO, etc.
I stopped playing for a few months, and then heard about PoisonRO. I started taking PvP and WoE seriously on that server. I made a few friends, WoE'd with The Alliance (one of the dominant guilds at the time), and started slowly losing interest when my guild was disbanded. I PvP'd a bit and helped random guilds in WoE, but PoisonRO wasn't fun for me anymore.
I picked a random SHR from RateMyServer's listing. CursedRO. I met many of my current friends in that server, and I learnt a lot regarding builds, gears, PvP tactics, etc. I was hired as a GM shortly after joining, and worked there for 6 months. The admin managed to destroy everything the GM team had worked for by the end of the year (I joined in June, the server started dying on December).
During the last months of CursedRO's lifespan, I played LucidRO (a SHR some of my friends had played years ago), EssenceRO and AriaRO (the first two MRs I played for a considerable amount of time).
After that, I took a break for a few months, and joined NeverEndingRO once I came back from a long trip. Played there for a few months-- PvP was, by far, the thing I enjoyed the most of RO, and that server was heavily PvP-oriented. Then... uh. I don't know. I played many servers, but 3 of the most notable ones were PumpkinRO, MalevolentRO, and CookieRO.
The last RO server I played was YatagarasuRO. Many of my friends were playing there, and I played for... 5 months? Or something like that.

No moar RO for me.

TL;DR: There's no TL;DR. Go read. D:<

And so you killed yourself,
but you killed everyone else around you too.

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Re: What servers have you played on?
« Reply #134 on: Jun 22, 2011, 12:43 am »
Tom~ your RO life is so dramatic.  You went from official's super LR to HR and then even higher rates. 

I am so curious what kind of April fool's joke could manage to drive a big part of the population away.  Interesting backfire xD.

Plus, you have to give timelines.  All of that happened in one day :P?