What happened to NovaRO changed anything in the other p2w servers?

Started by Kushiro, Sep 10, 2023, 11:19 PM

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Have they changed their BS scam tactics to make profit from an IP they don't even own?

Im against even selling costumes but the reality is that servers like NovaRO were completely abusive with their player base (and good riddance they got rekt by gravity) but it wasn't the only server doing this or trying to pull this nonesense, many servers are designed to be p2w.

I just don't understand how can you criticize Gravity or even the f*** ups at Warportal for making Ragnarok a cash grab when you private server owners do the same s*** but are even worse because you don't even have legal permission to do so because its not your IP.

I know there are a few servers that aren't like this and at best have costumes (that still makes it p2w if you can sell them for zenny but not at the same degree, not even close) so im not really talking about you so don't come and act offended, I am talking of POS like NovaRO.

Has this made any positive changes on the private server community regarding P2W?


PServers will always be PServers.

As far as the influence of the NovaRO lawsuit goes, I think all that will happen is that most PServers will just call themselves anything WITHOUT Ragnarok or RO in their name and that'll be it.

Besides, there aren't that many long lived PServers anyway, most of them die out within X amount of months or 1-3 years.
Unfortunately, most PServer owners seem to go along a quick cash grab design, that is too short of a time frame for Gravity to do anything about.

Ofcourse, we can only hope that there will be good PServers coming up and that maybe this lawsuit will have a slightly good influence on the PServer scene.
But reality is, it most likely won't.


I doubt things changed much regarding the greediness of server owners. Rats gonna be rats.

Because of such greedy rats, we will likely lose legitimately good servers, and just like you said, none of us can be mad or angry towards Gravity, as the only ones we have to blame are the server owners running servers for a profit (Nova, Talon Tales, Project Alfheim, RagnaTales etc) which draws big attention from the IP owners and put a big mark at our back.

One of the servers I just mentioned did their biggest cash points promotion as soon as NovaRO's Lawsuit started, all while claiming they were "free from lawsuits and not worried about Gravity or what was happening to Nova", then 2 weeks after this big cash points promotion, they announced they'd be closing the server because of the lawsuit, "thanking" the community, calling them families, saying it was never about the money they made etc (despite selling literal MVP cards, custom/overpowered/slotted God Items), selling @item2 generated equipments and even endorsing RMT on the side for specific people/groups.

They milked their cattle community one last time and called it quits. The players of said community was still fine with it despite their promises they wouldn't do that/that wouldn't ever happen etc.

And they will do that again when it's their turn to get crushed by Gravity. They 100% will run a big cash point credits promotion before the lawsuit become public and then close the server again.

This kind of greediness will always put all decent, completely f2p servers at risk. And that's why we should all keep mass reporting such greedy servers to WarpPortal with every single bit of information about those scam servers and let them share the report with Gravity.


Different people have different goals.

People who just want a fun server to play on and the skills to create one themselves have a completely different mindset to people who see a demand in private servers and see a business model in that.

Those hosting RO servers to earn money will not change, at best (or worst) they will just stop making RO servers altogether.


Regarding the impact of the NovaRO lawsuit on the private server community and the prevalence of pay-to-win (P2W) servers, it's a topic that continues to stir up discussions. I'd like to share my perspective on this matter. Overall, the biggest impact I've noticed has been the fragmentation of the private server community from a few big servers, into many smaller ones. It probably caused a big amount to quit all together, as their favorite server may have gone down along with their time investment.

As for the P2W discussion.. Firstly, I understand the frustration expressed about certain servers resorting to abusive practices and questionable monetization strategies. The concern about P2W servers is valid, and it's essential to address these issues within the private server community.

However, it's worth noting that not all private servers follow the same path. Servers like FlexRO, for example, prioritize a fair and balanced approach to monetization, which includes a structured donation system. This system is not about preventing players from having advantages but rather offering a legitimate and regulated way for players to support the server while acquiring in-game benefits. These benefits of course, need to be well balanced, and need to be available to non-donators.

By providing this option, it helps deter real money trading (RMT) and maintains a controlled gaming environment. From my experience, servers that offer no donations are still very prone to P2W via RMT. The problem is RMT encourages scamming, hacking, bug abuse and in general a toxic community that's more worried about making a dollar than playing the game strategically and socially. You can say "make RMT illegal" but you know that's easier said than done and there is no "Gepard Shield" against RMT.  /heh

The question of who should benefit from these "P2W players" financial contributions is crucial. Responsible server administrators aim to reinvest these funds into server maintenance, development, and improvements, ultimately enhancing the overall gaming experience for all players. It can also be used to reward staff members for their activity and contributions.

As for the impact of the NovaRO lawsuit, it's uncertain whether significant changes will occur in the private server community. While some hope that it will lead to a more ethical approach to server administration, the reality is that the private server landscape is diverse, and server owners have varying motivations and goals.

In conclusion, the debate about P2W servers and ethical monetization practices will persist within the private server community. The key is to encourage open discussions, promote responsible server administration, and support servers that prioritize fairness and transparency.
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If anything, the Nova case just proved that the whole scaredy cat behavior from pserver owners was completely unwarranted (though kind of understandable at the time).  /gg

They basically had the juiciest case against a pserver owner you could possibly imagine, someone who literally registered his server as an LLC and made his real name known everywhere. And even then, Gravity still cucked out with a settlement (lol) that required Nova only to take down his server with zero damage payments made to Gravity.  /heh

But hey... At least Trannyheim finally stopped their "nooo stop making videos of our server or we'll ban you!!" cringe fiesta...  /wah