What happened to ClashRO?

Started by junichiro, Nov 29, 2023, 06:38 PM

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Quote from: Sairek Ceareste on Nov 29, 2023, 10:44 PMSo basically a pump & dump?

Yes, this is the meta of mid rate server.
- Earn a maximum of money during 3-4 months.
- Provide no new contents.
- Wait before guilds get borred.
- Close server and restart with new name.
- Repeat the same steps everytime.

Quote from: junichiro on Nov 29, 2023, 11:17 PMThat's sad and a bit alarming.

Is there a way to know how to avoid this kind of server when they open a new one again? I do base my decisions on RMS reviews but this server had a bunch of really positive reviews when they started. I'm a bit reluctant now to join new servers.

As a server owner myself I always refused the idea to have a cash shop or p2w system.
I can even say my server is more stable than 99% of mid rate server even if they have more players than me.
One day, I've even been insulted because a player liked my server and I refused his donations to support the server.
I can only advise you to avoid this kind of server. Unless that's what you're looking for.

Quote from: everythingjuls on Nov 30, 2023, 12:20 AMBased on my exp, this is true. It has been like this for almost a decade. WoE Guilds will keep repeating this cycle. Servers with high population don't last because WoE Guilds controls the majority of the population of the server even they put a prize money. Also, Classic/Trans server been there for long long years. Players already know what they need to do at a faster rate. WoE Guilds will keep hopping servers wherever the money is (that is why some servers create a money bait (ex. prize pool for the guild of the month etc.). No WoE Guilds = Server Dead eventually

This is sad but true.


Quote from: ForgotMyOldAccount on Nov 30, 2023, 06:52 AMWhat are RMT tickets?

RMT, real money trading tickets. You can directly pay admins for in-game tickets you can sell for zeny, people that buy them can then give them back to the admins for 90% of the money you paid.

I honestly like the concept but as you can imagine, it attracts the "not good for a community" people like nothing else


I guess the server is really about to be gone. The website is already showing error.


I think the name itself put me off of this server. Clash is a mobile title, and their thumbnail also looked very mobile-like. Judging a book by it's cover has some benefits sometimes. :D


Just checked their website, "account suspended" so they abandoned the ship didn't pay for the hosting at least.  It was a nice website, too bad only used for 3 months.

In this case, we will go ahead and delist them.