CarrotRO v2

Started by GM Carrot, Jul 05, 2015, 10:16 AM

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GM Carrot

Hi, hope you're well! I'm going to re-create the previous server of mine, some of you may already know about CarrotRO before. However re-creating a server might required lots of opinions from players, so I'm here to listen, what do we really need or what not. Hope some of you who liked my server willing to give me some opinions about the version 2, eventually it might come out after I gather enough opinions from you all. Thanks for reading, best of luck.

-GM Carrot with loves   /lv

Website :


it seems like you haven't put any effort into your server or website yet.

no information is available neither.

and doesn't look like your server had any players previously.

looks bad all around.

and calling yourself gm carrot, carrotro signature, carrotro post, and carrotro link seems obnoxious like this post.