Weird Server

Started by krazynuts99, May 16, 2022, 10:39 AM

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So I tried this server named Eclipse RO. First it was fine. Then I reconnect since the proxy server is lag so I tried entering the main server. I entered my password wrong like 3x since my keyboard is a little bit sus.(Already bought a new one just waiting for it to arrive). So I go to the site and change my password to easier one So I wont make mistake anymore. After i confirm the change pass it said I my IP was banned. Kinda weird for IP banned automatically just because I made a mistake on my password. They can just temporary ban my account just like other server if an error on password occurs. But this server will IP bans you automatically. No wonder the server has a low player count lol.


It's normal and a default setting of rAthena and Hercules emulators. The IP ban is only 15 minutes by default.


That is to prevent people from trying to force log their way into other players accounts, should be able to log back in now