WDF baka ro

Started by Honorbydeath, Nov 05, 2006, 01:53 PM

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probably another idiot from JynxRO.
that is all he says to everyone who calls the server bad dont get me wrong jynx was horrible but god dam man if 30+ peole says it sucks it doesnt mean they out to get you it means YOUR SERVER SUCKS
i never playied jynx but iplayied yours and yes it fricking sucked ballz it was lagy and yes its donator based so i dont wanna hear your lip and baka like i told you on irc your a piece of #@!$ just remember that you didnt like me because i told you i could help you imprvoe your s*** and you said o blah blah im a super king gm who thinks he is soooooooo uber but reallyz im just a superz nerd


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