UARO allows Whales to Multi account

Started by Kushiro, Oct 02, 2023, 08:47 PM

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This server also needs to correct their way about "trashtalk report". There's quite handful of players that are pure toxic and evil in this server, those players online everyday meeting people just to bully players, trashtalk, make other players angry, and when their "target" gets angry and they trashtalk them back just a bit (which is a common thing) these scumbags will take the opportunity to screenshot their victim's chat and report it to GMs/staffs, and the GMs/Staffs will blindly believe those scumbags words and a little screenshot, usually the vinctims will get warning or ban from the GM//staffs after this.
No one is safe really if the community is so toxic in this server.


Quote from: dahman on Oct 06, 2023, 01:30 AMbut what they should altleast do at a bot incident, is to wipe the all of the main accounts from the player and be like:
"Last Chance, you can start new, but one more offense and you are banned perm"
In a world with extremely cheap VPNs, proxies and dynamic IPs, wiping all main accounts is the same as being banned perm.
Quote from: exii on Jun 27, 2015, 06:07 AM
If you think casting quag is a good idea you or your guild heavily failed to create a viable guild rost.


To the staff of uaRO i highly suggest you to stay stady inside your copy/paste server since got free time from december to grab my setup from Rome an visit again your racist server. Un caloroso abbraccio, до свидания!
I wanna be really clear why i show arrogance first of all, any italian player of RO know my name. Second you re hit really the wrong person basically if you had any chance to get some donation to 80 italian player inside your server thanks to your stupidity and pathetic joke of word do not allowed 2nd biggest  community of RO (Russian) to play your server, you ill also  get 0 Eur from italian too since Quinella ban an mine by IP.
I ill show you what happen when you make me angry an mix geopolitical problem with my favorite game.

Swordman lover


This server is weird. They're trying to fight RMT by punishing the playerbase. They seem to believe that lowering item prices will rid the server of RMT. So far, all I have seen is bad decisions, so I unfortunately had to leave. I really liked the community, but the server owner is not thinking about the community, he's thinking about the money that RMTers are getting, and how to get that money into his pockets.