Trying to get back into RO

Started by PopsGravis, Dec 25, 2011, 06:00 PM

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Hey guys I need help choosing a server to play since the last time I played was 2 years ago and my old server went down. Any server you guys think is awesome to play and friendly just let me know.


Might try posting in Server Seeking if your searching for a server.

In any case some input might help a bit - what exactly are you looking for? Low Rate, High Rate, Donation Heavy Items, Custom Items? Maybe your looking for a Niche server or just your Traditional Server - entirely up to date on characters and such or perhaps held back to just Transcendent or even 2-1 and 2-2 jobs?

Give us a little bit to go on or you'll have a list a mile long.


I'm looking for a high-rate to play on with a fair amount of custom items to choose from, maybe even 2-2 jobs if they fall into that category, and I'll try posting in Server Seeking, did not know this forum had one maybe I should of checked >.<