Started by trueheart, Sep 21, 2013, 10:41 PM

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As you know EssenceRO is very, very low on players and a lot have left. I just wanted to say that EssenceRO was my home server. Played there for 4 years and never found a better server (probably cause of the cool customs and the fact that all my friends were there). Lack of updates and admin interest has led to Essence's downfall.
This is a thank you and goodbye if the server does ever close.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share this but. . .
A lot of players from Essence share the same love as me. Evidently, in our FB group many of us have tired suggestions, etc. The fact is we need new players but enable to do that we need a full-time or dedicated admin. If anyone can revive the zombie that is Essence it would be great.

<3 EssenceRO. We've had a great 4 years.


Hi trueheart

I started playing eRO back in '09 and I couldn't agree more with the server having cool customs, and yes, the lack of updates and admin interest is a result of its downfall today.

If you recall from a few years back when Tira was in control, we had about 700+ players after a 1-2 years of server under Nik's management til now there has been a large drop in players , why? well, there has been GMs abusing their powers, players being arrogant (behaviour encouraged by GM themselves ), everything has just become disastrous.  Players were being banned without a valid reason.  It's upsetting and a shame to see what EssenceRO is like today.

There's no point suggesting or giving feedback if none of the management or admin will respond and acknowledge anything.  All they care is the $ they're making, as soon as they are making zilch, the server will close.  The only way to revive Essence is for someone to pay a lump-sum, recruit proper GMs with the right mentality and qualifications or hijack the server from Nik.  Best of, making another server. 

It's been a great experience with eRO and am very honoured to witness the transition from start to finish? (soon), though I wish some GMs would just appreciate the players that are left whom are still sticking around for nothing.



Rest in Peace, Tira.

All hail Goon Squad.


 /omg Tira! - Come back please!

We all know, well..atleast I do..know what Nik has done.  What a jerk, so is Jeff.

Hope you are well.


Celeste Chan

I really enjoyed playing on Essence when Tira was still in charge. She was what made that server so great. It's pretty sad to see what its become now. :/


Quote from: RoseTea on Sep 26, 2013, 11:27 AM
Rest in Peace, Tira.

All hail Goon Squad.

What happened to Tira?


She went MIA for so long and server crashed, nik took over, and here it is now.