Started by luocai, Jan 23, 2024, 06:23 PM

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Wondering how people and (petty players  /heh ) do something like this hate review.

One thing is for sure this guy has violated in-game mechanics (pulling his PVP count by killing his alt for top PVP spot) when he got found out he got rude to the owner, and the staff.

It makes you curious how people would stoop so low in advertising and promoting fake reviews because of "hate". The audacity and toxicity of these players are outstanding.

Makes you wonder -- what it is like in Baldr? A server that is predominated by Filipinos how can it be fun? there are still some international players albeit silent.

To let you know more about Baldr -- the owner of Baldr is the same owner and developer of the old INTENSE Ragnarok server that you guys may have or may have played on (12 years).

This is her return or bounce-back server giving back to the whole Ragnarok community. Knowing her capabilities it is inevitable that this server will last unlike most of the private servers nowadays that are just 2-3 months, that gather donations, scam players, and hide player benefits under VIP.

This server has free Auto Attack (combaton) and Autoloot that some LowRate servers are too shy to give. The quality of life in the server works wonders for the working class -- a grind at your own pace in parallel with your real-life grind.

Much has been said, people come and go. But promoting a healthy community is a must for us to continue what we truly love and why we are here.

It is just the same for you and me, the love for Ragnarok. Let us bring back the memories that we once had. The feeling and enjoyment that everyone is missing, the excitement that makes your blood boil.

Everything is fair in love and war, and you will never know if you never tried.


Is the purpose of this thread really to review reviews of the server? The owner of the server can just report or reply to the reviews made if they aren't genuine. How meta can we go?