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Author Topic: TalonRO - discord banned without notice  (Read 5926 times)

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Offline whatamireading

Re: TalonRO - discord banned without notice
« Reply #15 on: Nov 19, 2020, 03:16 am »
Man I went to RMS to do an item search and saw this thread linked. I registered an account just to post this.

Honestly OP, from what I'm seeing here, I'd encourage you to consider their account deletion offer more favorably. Everyone's heard stories about how toxic talonRO is, but it's really insane to see these screenshots and then see (apparently?) talon staff responding to this thread the way they did.

I have to go through a play-by-play here to even believe what I'm reading:

1. GM mutes clearly annoying player
2. annoying player contests mute in discord in an annoying manner
3. GM blatantly escalates issue instead of responding productively
4. GM indulges in publicly insulting the annoying player he discord-banned for an exchange that he provoked
5. unprofessional indulgence is met with the jeering of sycophants
6. unrelated second player with a personal issue tries to segue to his issue with a joke
7. entire population of a "community-support" channel elects to dogpile on the second player
8. second player remains polite
9. [sycophantic jeering intensifies]
10. unknown second GM discord-bans polite second player
11. second player takes newfound issue to another platform
12. GM shows up to ignore every single issue presented
13. second GM shows up to help ignore every single issue

Did I miss anything? Because I'm struggling to imagine how this could have been handled worse. MMOs like RO are notoriously hard to distance yourself from, especially when you have personal issues that suggest distancing yourself from them. One GM temp banning a player citing personal issues is trivially easy and takes much less staff time/effort than multiple GMs escalating public disputes, banning half the discord, and dropping monologues after the fact.

I'd actually be less surprised at this point if they made that first toxic player a GM instead of banning him. Absolutely nutty. This game is older than your server's staff acts.

OP, the offer on the table isn't what you asked for, but it might be what you want long-term.


Offline Phanneh

Re: TalonRO - discord banned without notice
« Reply #16 on: Nov 19, 2020, 02:41 pm »
The issue was stated by Stareczhory123; I put my response to whatamireading in spoilers because discussion between us is beside the point.

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