tactical ro and rising ro merge

Started by Honorbydeath, Oct 19, 2006, 07:46 AM

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making over i think 2-3k account gotta check :P mine been up for 3 days by it self made 105 registered max on 19
well tactical ro is merging to make it our high rate pk then mine is high rate
on my other computer ill be hosting a low rate
my specs are 3.20 ghz 2 gig ram
other one is 3.00ghz 1 gig ram
it is releasing the grf soon of the merged 2
the low rate will be released once i get a new wireless
our website is www.rising.co.nr


No offence or anything, but in your whole topic, you didn't even put one period.  ;D


because i type fast and periods slow me down cas im very very busy im always working on the server to keep it in tip top condition also its still update with around 16-3x on already after 12 days so keep watching it and it wil continue to grow faster


is it save to remove tactical RO from the list? well just let the owner of tactical ro to know that he can login to do it himself if he wants to. thanks.


id delete it because its no longer up untill he makes the low rate but currrently he is working on the wow server check www.tacticalro.net if you need confimnation about it not up ^_^