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Started by Silverbaine, Sep 02, 2012, 04:54 PM

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Well I have a question about how you feel of a server that goes around opening other ro servers grfs without permission to steak customs, maps, sprites, etc....
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if the server they steal from is still up, running, and in existence they are asses- and deserve to be exposed as such.
if the server is dead... well, good art is all too often lost in the mists of time. I actually feel there should be a "dead server customs archive", to benefit the future of RO.
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try to hide you work. its easy =)


Stealing someone else's work is such a low move I think
I personally made some custom sprites, loading screens, events and etc.. for Ragnarok private servers and seeing my works spread around without giving me credits would drive me crazy.


I agree that it is a shame when there are dead servers with awesome arts and customs. Perhaps people who worked on these customs can release their works and ask for placement of credits to the public when these sorts of things happen so that no good work is lost and unused.

I feel the same way for amazing websites that are only used for a few weeks or even days. Perhaps there should be a thread on selling old website designs or unused ones (coded please).

Ultimately, it depends on the makers of these graphics, websites, customs, etc to decide if their works should be shared or not. Not the buyers unless they have full rights after purchase.
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I posted this as I happen to know of a server where the admin allows a certain GM to go around opening other servers grfs to steal sprites, customs, etc for his server..
Perry The Platypus admin of Inertiaro, allows his GM Angeline the chief Police GM to run about grabbing other peoples works, ofc they go thru all to see if any "signatures" are in the sprite.. as they do not wish to be caught... lol but hey.. I happen to have some.. screenshots and i believe whisper logs of angeline telling me she does this... nice eh? a "police gm" doing shady works?
Xarale ~ As others have said, I do believe this topic is done now.  Therfore I shall be closing it, because I'm sexy.


So Silverbaine you have something to show?  Took you 10 days to tell the whole story lol.

We went over this debate in every RO forum, stealing is bad but there is nothing to stop them if you put your work online plain and simple.  If all the developer wants is a piece of credit then just implement it within the sprite.  I'd pick keeping awesome work circulation going on for as long as possible rather than everybody sues everybody until no real work is done.


sorry yC lol i had laptop issues rofl and currently using a loaner for now til originals fixed, but i did get some stuff pulled before taking it ino shop thanks to my tech friend ofc. lemme go thru the cds to find the screens xD
again I apologize for the delays
Xarale ~ As others have said, I do believe this topic is done now.  Therfore I shall be closing it, because I'm sexy.


Well.. the person who makes customs for the server and arts in general should always make sure to add a watermark or something that prevent stealing, unless the owner of these customs agrees on sharing.
So I guess the owners of these servers could pay more attention, there's always the possibility that someone from other servers lurks around and copy some stuff
Anyway you should have reported this in an appropriate thread with some proves