Twinkle RO and it's flaws.

Started by Jamesaur, Feb 17, 2012, 02:28 AM

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Im just gonna paste my post on their forums here cuz im lazy.
it should explain pretty well.

Hi! I hope this gets into the eyes and ears of GMs.

This server is about 180 days old, it has no economy, everything runs on Donations ingame and zenyladder is filled with money.
I thought that was silly when i was looking at ladders while i was downloading the client, no way a server would do this bad.. When i got into game i was delighted how well everything was done..
Until i saw how bad it rly was. You havent even looked at your npc's after u put them there.
the biggest flaw is here:

Your pet store sells aquamarines 1z ea. it takes about 3 seconds to make 3m with them. How long has this been going? i dont know if i should blame the GMs or the players.
I see ppl "afking" around the dealer'S in both mall and main town. when i talk to them about it they just give me advice like: "dude you better store them as gold coins in storage so GM wont notice" and s***. Really? I noticed even before i got ingame.

1 word: WIPE




They should have changed the selling price of the items they have altered... a very careless point on their part.
It's also sad that some of the players there are untrustworthy in the sense of not letting the staff members know about this "abuse". If they really want the server to become more popular, they need to tell the staff about these kinds of situation. Tsk on their part of being players of the server.

Hopefully, the GMs there replied to your thread and would accept and do something about the criticism you offered.
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That's the same as when some servers do something about mastelas and forget the ones at the npc in hugel.
An huge FAIL!!

People shouldn't be so careless about something as that[except if they just want money fast and nothing more] because that's like just saying bye to the server soon.

It's better to do heavy tests for a bit of time and give something without errors to the players that they will enjoy instead of just giving something fast and full of bugs.


Wasn't this one of Clives different servers? Or at least that's the rumour I heard, I forgot from where though..


Nah, this is the server of that scammer dood known to scam customers that wanted websites done by him. People would pay him in advance and he would get the money and ignore you forever at msn.

And actually I totally forgot this lol Thanks to "reminding me" it, Strudel xD


It is kinda sad that these things happen... doesn't eA warns you when you sell items below their buying price? It gets printed in big WARNING labels when you start up the server.

Are server owners really so careless as to not even pay attention to what the server is telling them? x_x

(RMS reviews)


thanks for the review, its fixed now ehuehueheuehue