Started playing RO again. How's the servers novadays?

Started by adastra, Mar 02, 2012, 05:14 AM

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So , I started to play Ro again. I've been playing on/off for 5 yrs.   
I remember playing at Euphro and Eternity V2/V3  and some other Servers. I remember that Eternity was amazing server and it went totally f'ed up in the end.

I started playing at this low-rate pre-renewal called Talonro. Pretty nice server overall.
If i'm correct it is the largest lowrate atm (?) .

Is there any other lowrate servers anymore? I don't mean those which have <100 players or strange mods.
Are there only couple of worthy servers and others are just dying?

I'd love to be able to play again like I used to!  Had a great community, good stable server and lot's of fun. Somehow at the moment it doens't feel like it.
I don't mean it is the server, Talonro. It just lacks something compared to Euphro and Eternity.

Well, atm I'll stay at TalonRO and hope that playing gets as exciting as 2 yrs ago!





top 3 or so have +100

TalonRO +1000
heRO +400 at the moment
SevenRO + 100 (somewhat bad rep)
AvrisRO +100 (had +200 on start but rather terrible management) has +200 as well and has like no donations from what I can see..

There are a couple of spanish servers out there, secluded with +500/+1000 players but they're 90% spanish 5% international trolls 5% ???