Started by Jaycin, May 03, 2009, 03:56 AM

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Anyone know what became of it? Or if they remade it into another name or something?


Sorry I'm so late in responding, DreamerRO is kinda like Spiritus RO.  Same Rates, same most stuff.  I've heard that one of the GMs there was a GM in spiritus, not sure though.


I've heard of them like over a hear ago, I've heard bad things..


it became dro. same owner but unfortunately dro had server wipe yesterday


Heard of them ages ago. But I've heard bad things about every RO server, so that doesn't say much at all.~ DreamerRO is probably just fine.


I didn't think it was a server wipe...  Hope it's not D: - I thought it was only that the host company was hacked into, but dRO just switched to that host a few days ago and that's all that was wiped.  Spiritus was fun before every other person became a donating pvp-ing paladin.