Something that Novaro left behind that no other server has.

Started by Felione, Mar 19, 2024, 08:17 PM

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Below is a screenshot of a corrupt GM that no one should ever trust. She is manipulative and controlling, and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. That aside, let me share a moment that struck me a little too hard.

When I was very young, I stumbled upon this game, and I ended up finding a group which eventually lead me to the Prontera graveyard. We spent our days there like a small family. We actually had a little girl who was only about eight at the time, making nicknames for herself and just talking in third person while her older brother watched and made sure she was around good company. While her brother was away, we had someone named Dragon Khan, who would actually stand guard and watch what we say around the little girl, and if anyone overspoke, he would ridicule them to no end, letting everyone know it wasn't just a concerned brother looking after the child.

His name was Glenn, and he was a quiet person who only spoke when spoken to, otherwise, he was just quietly watching over us. His choice of class, was a knight of course, which really made that personality stick out. He was like a dad overlooking a group of kids, which is what we were at the time, and just made sure no one ever got out of hand. I really appreciated that kind of company, especially for the little one. My favorite memory of them, was that he was trying to teach the little one some math as she struggled with it. It was a scene that hasn't left my mind since then, because I always thought that one day he would make a great father.

To keep it short, more than a decade later, someone from our circle posted a picture of "someone" and she mentioned his qualities, and how it was a shame that we lost such a good person to this world. I didn't want to ask her then, and I definitely regret it, but I believe she was referring to Glenn. Once again, in the picture, I saw a proud man, sitting in a throne, and I could not reject the connection.

I'll never know what happened, or if it was really him, but after a few years on Novaro, I decided to visit the Prontera graveyard, and when I saw the faded characters, and clicked on them, I realized what I was looking at right away. Fortunately, their names were not familiar to me, but the one knightly character, who stood exactly where Glenn used to all the time, really scared me. I know that all these things can be a mere coincidence, and I'm sure they probably are, but to have someone you knew well, suddenly disappear, and to have a replica of someone who would use such a prideful name, be put in his exact place, was shocking to say the least.

This reminded me that everyone I left behind in my life, people I respected and cared about, was something I should have never done. I felt quite saddened by that reality, and like those in that picture, sitting next to that priest just to the bottom left, I began to visit that grave, hoping I was wrong, and that Glenn is actually a happy father somewhere out there.

This is an event that I could never have experienced, had Novaro not payed such respects to contributors of their community who gave what precious time they had left, and shared it in a way that would make people curious to know who they may have been. It's a wonderful thought, and something I believe all servers should adapt. We are all here today, and tomorrow we may not be, and no one may ever know that we are really gone. The least we can do is remind those who are left behind, that something may have happened, and that someone out there might need a friend, or a role model who they may have lost.

As always, thank you for reading.

Edit: Unfortunately, I had to cut the screenshots up.