Started by Infinit3, Oct 11, 2009, 08:31 PM

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Anyone ever played DarkRO?
It is the most populated server I have seen, but it isn't listed on this website.
I am not trying to advertise it or anything, I am just wondering why I haven't seen any topics on it, and it isn't on the main website, any idea why this is?


Didn't like DarkRO, and it's not listed here because the server owner doesn't want it advertised here on RMS.


Or maybe it was banned from the listing.
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this server where develop because its HACK FREE, you can do any hack in that server easily...


Most fail server alive.. botters, scammers and hackers all over the place.

It seems this server is the only server out there that is easy to hack lol.


I think you mean dark ro force?

The owner of the server specifically contacted me to take off any listing of it on the site.  There were couple listings created from time to time and they were only made by non-owner (by players most likely).


I am ashamed to admit that i played this server and it was so fun. I remember leveling up my bard for hours and hours listening to Dragonforce music, doing everything i could to avoid the pkers and try to get the golden theif bug card only to find out it was disabled. So many times i pwned noobs by making them pay me money or else id kill them, setting up tolls in payon lol. haha. man. good times. can not get it working on my new comp tho. sucks that i cant. trying to find a new server just as good but it doesnt seem like its happening.


You revived an old thread D:
Best make a thread in the Long Lost Friend section instead.

Hm, they should have warned players about disabling that card xD. I hope you find a server to your liking soon!
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Disabling GTB is a fairly standard modification now, there are a lot of gamebreaking MvP cards that shorten a server's life by removing the interest for new players to come to WoE. The more stuff like that they do, the more players will be able to gear up and join rather than sit back wondering what to do when nothing they have works against the gamebreaking power of Lord of Dead/Whitesmith Harward/GTB/etc.
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Thanks. The more people who understand that, the more people who will help direct the progress of a GOOD RO server and maybe something with some competition and longevity will keep up. :)
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