Your Opinion About Donation Servers

Started by Scribbles, Aug 11, 2009, 09:52 PM

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I have Disposable Income, I love them
5 (6.2%)
I Think Their OK
37 (45.7%)
Don't Play em'
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It is a source of revenue and it isn't a "donation". Making a donation, as I've understood since I learned to speak English, doesn't entitle the person a "gift" or some compensation. That would be known as a "shop". However, I'm a hypocrite if I say I don't call them donations. Either way, I feel that the revenue accumulated should STRICTLY be used on nothing more than server finances. Otherwise, I feel that is very greedy - generally, you can spot greedy server owners based on what they are selling (EX: Sleipnir for 40$... but wait, there's more...). Just my opinion.
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It's pretty common that everyone starts a server with the objective of making money out of it.


Not everyone, I saw already 2 servers based on a 0 donations system where players where voting/clicking on stuff as google aids to get vote points to get items in case as some funny hats and at same paying the costs of the server making the server alive without any donations.


When I tried to do a server, my goal was fun, not donations. I sincerely just wanted a server that wasn't a carbon copy of everything available :x

It didn't work out so well, but although 99% of servers are donation-orientated, there are some exceptions, crazy as it may seem.


Of course it would be nice to add abit of spice but spice comes with a price.