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Solace RO - Any active players around?


Was wondering if anyone actively playing could tell me how the server is. Wanted to start two days ago but it's been on maintenance so I'm wondering if it's fun and worth waiting for.
Pvp(bgs or nah? and does pvp = only woe or are the rooms active)
Costume farming difficulty? (the costumes that have buffs. For eg: Saw a YT video where a set of costumes gave +7 crit)

All these can be answered on their website I know, but that's down too during maintenance so.
Any info will be appreciated.
Thank  you!

Stability - Yes very stable, there were very few lag moments or down times. Maintenance occurs monthly that lasts for 2-5 days.

Community - FB Group is very active with lots of drama and memes. Forum is just new so fewer posts in there (https://forum.solaceragnarok.com/)

PVP - Very competitive party PVP (7v7v7v?) exists during weekdays. A group of people forms party to play PVP with 7 people max to farm PVP points to buy end game costume equips.
Sample clip here: (https://www.twitch.tv/bratpatt/clip/ApatheticSuperFerretTooSpicy-cw3fIbnEdCYrbV2I)

BG - Nah

WoE - Very competitive woe environment. Hardcore GvG is the meta right now so most people focus on having a good GvG capabilities to break the defending guild of the castle. There are 2 woe, non-trans woe and trans woe, both are very active.

Costume farming difficulty - Yes they are very very hard to farm from a point of view of a newbie players since they are considered end game items, especially the rare stats like crit+7, atk+2%, and dex+1.


--- Quote from: yozzyurubuza on Dec 10, 2021, 04:41 am ---BG - Nah

--- End quote ---

Due to rampant AFK farming, BG has been deactivated. It will be reintroduced soon with improved mechanics and rewards to discourage AFK farming.

--- Quote from: yozzyurubuza on Dec 10, 2021, 04:41 am ---Maintenance occurs monthly that lasts for 2-5 days.

--- End quote ---

We always run a series of tests on our production server before turning it on, which reduces the risk of bug exploitation and server crash.


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