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Started by AnimaRagnarokOnline, Feb 22, 2016, 03:05 PM

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Well yeah, I'm developing a server right now. And would probably release it depending on the replies to this thread. Or maybe pass the files to someone who is interested and I see that he really is passionate about creating this type of RO server (classic)

Server Information:
Episode: 1
Max B.Level: 99
Max J.Level: 50
Rates: 5 / 3 / 3/ 0.5
- What the heck is that 0.5? - Zeny Rate. You only gain 50% zeny from the items you sell.

The thing here is, server is at episode one but I've blended in some pre-renewal mechanics such as boss skills and whatnot, but toned it down that the boss will still be strong, but manageable and can be easily taken down if hunted by groups.

Skills, Training Ground, Prontera and wherever else is back to classic times, but server is running on latest rAthena. Here's a few things to note.

item descriptions: classic, no pre-re descriptions like hunter bow having 50% bonus damage to bla bla.. its just pure "bow made for hunters" etc

Dungeons: Party-Based / Bribe System - Bribe the guard if you don't have a party
Zeny Rate: As mentioned above, you only gain 50% of the sell price of the item, for instance, 3,000 Opal will now be 1,500 when you sell.
Training Ground: Reverted to 2002~2004 training grounds. No free Novice Potions, those stuff ruined the joy of being a novice which made you level faster, make life easier and whatnot. That was not how RO was played back in the day.

Pots: Removed Red Potion, Orange Potion, Yellow Potion, White Potion, Green Potion from tool dealers
Herbs: Added to tool dealers
Potion Master: Brews potions using 1 herb and 1 empty bottle. 100% success rate, 5% chance to crit ( pots gained * 2 )  and 5% chance to fail ( pots gained / 2 )

MVP Mechanic: pvp turns on when boss revives, pvp turns off after boss is killed, boss checker present in every boss map(can see if its dead or alive but no location is indicated), boss checker at prontera(can see all boss statuses, but have to pay 10kz)

Quagmire/Traps doesn't affect allies (old mechanic)
LoV/Meteor Storm doesn't cause blind or stun (old mechanic)
SG only freezes on third hit (old mechanic)
Customized Skills:
Left Hand/Right Hand Mastery - increases 15% atkspeed * skill level
Venom Splasher - removed hp restriction, increased damage by 100 * skill level + 10 * skill level of Poison React, explodes in 3 seconds instead of 9
Katar Mastery - increased damage by katars  5 + 5*skill level (total of 55) - before it was 30
Sonic Blow - increased damage by 1700% atk
Grimtooth - increased damage by  10 + 5 * skill level

Endure - removed mdef bonus, full duration and not based on per hit


guess that's it. i just want to hear everyone's thoughts about it and whatnot, for all those low rate fans out there, please let me know. if this topic is not allowed, please remove it. Thank you  /kis2