SILO RO sucksssss

Started by MR. BoOM, Nov 21, 2007, 12:55 AM

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false info: max stat said to be 255 but only 199

and their site says 10k/10k/50% rate but only 3k/3k/1k rate

and wrong info about the community either GM here are friendly, yeah too friendly she always on the side of her friend who play in her server. Like she can do anything if you ever touch her friends in the game. I'm sorry if I offend the server but it's the only truth its sucks.... wanna bet? try it... GM here is not fair. She allow her friends abusing her being a GM (" yeah GM best friend what ever.."). which supposed to be GM will not be a part of any fight, any guild battle or player vs player matter but she always do, which is not very fair to other player. right?

TRY it and judge it.. I'm telling only the truth....



This is a problem on a vast amount of servers, immaturity leads to GMs that always give the right to their friends, overreact when proved wrong, help with their powers their own legit accounts, and so on and so forth.

I doubt the info is wrong on purpose, though... they most likely changed caps/rates at some point and forgot to update their RMS page. There's a saying that goes "don't blame on malice what can be explained by ignorance", likely they do not mean to be "evil" as much as they "didn't think about being better than that until after the fact".

Of course, whether or not they can grow up and improve can be somewhat easily guessed depending on their response to your very valid complaint.

(RMS reviews)