Server with Angra Manyu

Started by RAXAR, Jun 25, 2020, 10:35 PM

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Hello there.

I feel this is my first post on RMS.

I know there are a few servers that allow angra manyu to be used. I know that because I have played on some servers which allowed that. Also Ahura Mazda.

Sometime ago I got an invite to a server which had just started then, by the owner. I would really appreciate it, if there was a list of servers or database of servers which allowed atleast angra manyu, even without ahura mazda or both.

I am looking to find that server again so that I can make an account there if that server is still active.

Thanks a lot in advance

P. S. - Constructive criticism is always appreciated with valuable information on how to achieve that objective. 25Jun2020.