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I just wanted to get some thoughts on how players make decisions specifically around a server website and its functionality.

I think it is very important. 

As I check the RMS listed servers, I often see many servers using out of the box template without even fixing/removing/replacing the template text and links.  Like those facebook.com/<change me> and default RO information text, default video link ... just to name a few. 

How are players going to have confident playing a server with a rushed website, what's with all the hurry if the server is meant to be up for a long time? 

I think this is very important. Even if you're not a wizard with Javascript and HTML5 or PHP, you should try your best to either make (or hire someone who can make) good wireframes for your site that allows a user to get core information they need and a call to action.

You should without scrolling or interacting be able to scrape the following information:

* What kind of server is it?
* What makes this server worth playing or unique?
* How do I download the server and join the community?
The professionalism of the staff will be judged the moment your webpage is loaded, sloppy presentation will turn people off real quickly and they will likely adopt the hypothesis that the staff is not up to running a server. You could have the fastest, strongest horse in the race, but if it looks like this, I don't think people are going to flock to it or trust it:

I agree in the importance of a good website. It shows the quality and effort put into the actual server itself. If you have a good website, often times the effort shows when you login the server and see all the work/customizations that were done.

Yes, it's very important. The most important and critical aspect is the content; it must be substantial and correct. Many members of our community (SolaceRO) specifically mentioned 'grammar' when deciding whether or not to join a server. They do not consider joining the server if the owner cannot write properly in English. Those who can't write properly, according to their experience, make terrible community managers.


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